Complete tabadla for Hell and Heaven people

October 3rd, 2013

Day 18 again was a topsy-turvy for some and complete love for some housemates in Bigg Boss. After all that haircut high drama and end of Scientist and Guinea pig task….everybody was waiting for tabadla.

Discussions were going on for the tabadla names on both the sides. But what they don’t know is that Bigg Boss is big Baap. And he had already planned something exciting for the tabadla night.

Hell and Heaven Jahannum and the Jannat went for a complete tabadla except Elli and Shilpa.

Bigg Boss called Kamya and Kushal to the confession room and asked them to discuss with the other inmates for the names of those who performed well and who did not from hell and heaven, for the ‘tabadla’.

Elli stayed in Hell as she was named the least contributor of the task and on Heaven side Asif was named least contributor. Shilpa and Apoorva named best through the task from Heaven and Hell respectively.

After the names were announced by Kushal and Kamya, Bigg Boss asked everyone, except Elli on the hell side and Shilpa on the heaven side, to pack their bags and get ready for the swap. Everyone on the hell side was happy over the decision, while everyone on the heaven side were unhappy. Only person on the heaven side who was happy was Shilpa, because her husband will be on the same side as her.

Andy was seen showing his anger for not taking his name as a best performer of the task. But than he was happy when Bigg Boss told everyone from hell to move to Heaven except Elli. Poor Elli!!!

Finally the couple (Shilpa and Apurva) is complete couple now…at least till the next Bigg Boss bomb.

Let’s say Bye Bye to Anita this week….she’s boring!

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