Classic Cadbury Ads

April 15th, 2007

Got these through email and I loved it, remind me of my teen. Suddenly all the Cadbury ads just flashed in front of my eyes and I started humming “kya swad hai zindagi kaaaaaaa” really Cadbury ads in 80s and 90s were just unforgettable. Songs, picturisation and heart touching little lovely stories would make the ad a part of your daily life.
The cricket one where the girl jumps into the ground and does a very “ajeeb sa” dance is my fav. I have one more favourite which is a Karva chauth one, but I don’t have a clear picture of it. And the list is endless. i think to make such emotional and close to heart ads, one has to very sensible, i guess the person behind making of these ads would be a very very good soul (well that’s my way of thinking)

But I would tell everybody, infact I would request everybody if they find any old Cadbury ads please send them to me.
“kuch meetha ho jaye”

Cricket Ad

Mehndi Ad

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  1. You are right sheetal, these were my favorites as well. I will definitely send you some. Meanwhile, Check this one


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