Chal Meri Ghodi Tik-Tik-Tik

April 20th, 2007

Finally “shaadi ho gayi,” it was doing my heading, everywhere it was just Ash-Abhi getting married. On tele, newspapers and even on radio everywhere it was just Ash-Abhi and their very very private wedding. Bull shit!

I thought Bachchan’s are very sensible and down to earth people, but this marriage has opened my eyes, what’s the whole fuss about marriage a private affair. I think middle class people enjoy their wedding more then Bachchan’s did. They didn’t invite their neighbours “Rakesh Roshan,” and no Khan was invited,

Rajiv and Rita (Jaya’s sister)

Jaya Bachchan’s real sister and her family was not there, Bachchan’s real Chachaji was not invited. Yeah but the most important man Amar Singh was there, God I hate him so much and I don’t know why Bachchan’s have to take him everywhere they go (like a pet dog), I reckon Shahrukh Khan did the right thing by insulting him at flimfare awards. And only god knows what happened with Sonia Gandhi after the death of Rajiv Gandhi, why Bachchan’s just isolated her when she at that time needed good friends around her to support her.
All these people were not invited in the name of Teji Bachchan (Big B’s mother), for god sake if you really care for her so much why do wedding, why don’t you wait till she gets well. I was wondering when everbody was going with the “Ghodi” who was taking care of Teji?

The biggest shock is No Honeymoon for newly wed couple, what the hell? Bloody Hypocrites.

Latest news is that the video and still photo rights of the marriage have been sold to an international magazine (Hello or Ok) at a huge amount, good god how much more money do they want to do a proper wedding and a Honeymoon?

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  1. Aishwarya ko kisi ki nazar na lage . amitabh bachchan hasn’t invited lot of people


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