Trishala Dutt’s letter to Sanjay Dutt

August 1st, 2007

Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala Dutt is very upset with the Indian judiciary. Trishala, who celebrates her birthday on August 10, had asked for her father’s freedom as a present this year. Currently in New York, she expressed deep distress over her father’s fate.

In an interview given to Mid-Day:

What are you feeling?
I am shattered and speechless. Why did it have to happen to an honest man like him?

Did you speak to your father?
Yes, I’ve been in constant touch with dad since early morning. In fact, we almost broke down last night on the phone. He even spoke to me before he entered the court.

Did he sound low?
Yes, dad was stressed out but made a point of not showing it to me. I can’t imagine what he must be going through at this moment. I am scared and worried for him.

Have you spoken to him since the sentencing?
Dad means the world to me and I am missing him a lot. I want to speak to him at once.

Do you have any plans to come to India?
Dad didn’t want me to come and face the judicial proceedings. After consulting my aunts and grandparents here (New York), I shall decide what to do.

I believe not only Sanjay’s daughter but the whole film industry and his fans are shattered. When I read this letter in, which Trishala had wrote to Sanjay Dutt, it brought tears to my eyes.

Good morning, Dad

Today is a very important day for me. More important than any other day that has shaped my life. Your fate will be decided today. And I feel so helpless because I’m physically away from you at such a crucial time. When I was growing up, I needed you, but you weren’t there.
When my school mates would go on a vacation with their families, I would be left alone, wondering why I was deprived of my father’s love. Now I need you more than I ever did and I know that you need me too. But never mind, Dad, I am next to you always, praying for your wellbeing. I know God will hear my prayers this time.
Dad, I am just so tired of all the trauma that you are going through. When will this ordeal get over? I have full faith in God and the judiciary. They will do justice to you. All these years, I know you have been silently suffering and now you deserve some peace and happiness. I know life is uncertain, but this kind of uncertainty in your life for so long is killing not just you – but the entire family. I feel your punishment is done with, you have suffered enough, and now you need to be set free.
Sunday was your birthday and it pained me to know that you couldn’t enjoy the day as you usually do. I don’t know what present I can give you. Nothing can match my earnest prayers and wishes. Perhaps, I crave for your freedom more than you do. I want to spend more time with you now. August 10 is my birthday, and I wish to spend it with you. That’s my deepest wish and it will be my greatest gift. I want come to India forever and be with you.
I miss you, Dad. I know I talk to you everyday, but I want to be close to you. I have so many things to share with you these days. I love your “dos and don’ts” over the phone. Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to upset you ever. You have been teaching me so many things, but the most important lesson you gave me, is to value money. I am still learning. I know you hate my spendthrift nature. That is one thing, Dad that I am struggling to change. What to do? I am just a 19-year-old girl, and you know we have so many needs. But don’t worry, Dad, I am very obedient as far as other things go. You want me to complete my degree and I am doing fine in that aspect. You’ll be proud of me.
I have one more wish for you, Dad. I don’t want you to get married to anybody. I may sound selfish, but it’s my love that’s speaking. I haven’t ever discussed this with you. I don’t know why, but I have a strong hunch that people use you for the wrong reasons.
And you are naive not to understand. But I can see through all the games that women play to win you over. I am a girl, Dad, and I know how to extract anything from a guy. I just have to smile and act like a lost babe in the woods. But I am not one and I know exactly what I want. So please don’t get fooled by these acts. You don’t need any other women in your life now. One woman in your life, and that’s me, is good enough.
I will be there with you all the time. I want to move back to Mumbai just to be with you. So please hang on.
But having expressed my deepest desires, I also want you to listen to me only if it makes you happy. I am happy if you are. That’s how my love for you is. I will sacrifice everything for you, Dad I just want to see you happy. You are the ‘bestest’ and the strongest Dad in the world.

PS: I love you always. Trish

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  1. hi sanjay sir. i want to cum nobody support me.everybody lagh on me. bt i want to meet u nd i want to spend 15 or half an hour wid u . and i want to listen ur all experience of life . i pray to god for u. plz take care of urself. nd i want to c happy (u nd ur daghter trish)
    lots of regards to u
    hats off to trish.

    lv u so mchhhhhhhhh.
    u r a gr8 person nd god will alwys wid plz dnt lose your patience. u hv lots of fans nd their lots of wishes wid u. nd me 2. im wid u . i knw its impossible to meet u . bt in my heart there is hope. lv u sir lv u so mchhhhhhhhhhhhhh.these sentences cum from bottom of my heart. nd thks to mid – day. can u do me a favour plz this comments sent to trish plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. hi sanju baba…may god give you power to face this situation Best of luck for ur bail….may my all luck to u… we all r with u…my all blessings to u.

  3. My darling darling sister Trish,

    I love you so much! i pray to god fof u. Everything will be allright. i want to c happy (u and ur loving dad)Plz take care of ur self. Now he needs u more than ever. God Bless You!


  4. Dear Sir,

    Being born in Mauritius and brought up in London, I’ve neva been into the “bollywood movies”. However after readin abt u, i feel you are a great person. Life is like a circle, u’ll have a peak and once you reach there…comes the downfall and wen u reach the bottom low you’ll find out who are the people you can trust. You are an idol/icon for many teenagers who are hooked up in drugs and trying to get out.U’ve been through difficult situations before and came back stronger- u can still do it.

    Nothing that i say now will change wat happened or wat will happen but i hope for the best.

    Best Regards,


  5. hi sanju bhai iam junaid & sunny happy wedding and welltineday your wife is so and beutifull

    please answers my E,mail.
    Thank you

  6. Shuker Allah, every thing is okay till now bail has done, Sanju you got married and i saw your honeymoon pictures with Manyata its lovely to see you two back to life, you are a true winner man, best wishes to Trish for her studies and career, May Allah grant her courage and never ending success and blessings, Amin…

    Only thing is industry missing right now is your youth i can see your years down the hill, Its my deepest wish and pray to Allah if Sanju you and Manyata wish for it also so it may come true that i really want to see atleast one of your baby boy who can fulfill the laking of your youth in the industry in future…

    think about it dont just imagine every thing coming towards you will be nothing but another problem, this little kid and having baby thing might will turn the wheel of fortune in your favour and you won’t imagine the karizma how things will change positively.. INSHAALLAH

    try it




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