Sanjay Dutt gets six years of rigorous imprisonment

July 31st, 2007

I am very very sad, gutted, broken and feeling very low. Don’t know how much more our dear Sanjay Dutt has to suffer yet? I think he is the only man in whole Film fraternity who has gone through so many ups and down in his life. But he has always emerged as a very bold, strong and happy man. May god bless him!!! He has given us so many memorable and funny films.

 Sanjay Dutt is been jailed for six years today. Dutt, who has been on bail since 1995 after spending 18 months in prison during the initial investigations into the bombings in 1993, has now been taken back into custody.

As the sentence was announced, a shocked Dutt told the court: “I made a mistake.” Judge PD Kode responded by saying “everybody makes mistakes”. Judge said there was strong evidence against Dutt and he was not entitled to leniency. “In no sense can this be said to be a minor offence.”

As the judge finished speaking, Dutt requested him to give him time to surrender and allow him to receive a call from his daughter Trishala in New York. “I have conducted myself well for the last 14 years. You know me better than even my family knows me,” an emotional Dutt told Kode. “Please don’t let the police surround me like a common criminal or a terrorist when they take me away,” the star pleaded. Kode said he would consider his plea. “I will meet you after lunch,” the judge said. 

Sanjay Dutt’s legal team is likely to move the Supreme Court against the special TADA court’s verdict which has sentenced him to six years’ rigorous imprisonment. Eminent lawyer Harish Salve is expected to file a petition on the actor’s behalf in the apex court. 

The brawny actor broke down after meeting his MP sister Priya Dutt in court.

Chronology of events leading to actor Sanjay Dutt:

April 19, 1993 Sanjay picked up by Mumbai Crime Branch from airport after his arrival from Mauritius. He is arrested on the same day on charges of possessing an AK-56 rifle, a 9mm pistol and some ammunition and later destroying them.
April 28, 1993 Sanjay makes confession before police
May 5, 1993 He is granted interim bail by Bombay High Court subject to confirmation by the trial court.
Nov 4, 1993 Charge sheet filed against Sanjay
July 4, 1994 Trial court cancels his bail and he is arrested again
Nov 20, 1994 Sanjay retracts confession

July 22, 1995

Sanjay permitted by court to meet his model friend Rhea Pillai whom he later married. Sanjay visits Rhea in a flat where she is recuperating from an illness.
Sep 11, 1995 Trial court rejects Sanjay’s bail.
Oct 16, 1995 Supreme Court grants him bail on hearing a letter written by him to the Chief Justice from jail. The letter as converted into a petition
Oct 18, 1995 Dutt released from prison after 15 months
Nov 28, 2006 Sanjay is cleared by the TADA court of charges under the TADA Act as well as conspiracy in the 1993 blasts but convicted under the Arms Act for possessing an AK-56 rifle and a 9mm pistol. Gets time till December 19 to surrender
Dec 18, 2006 Dutt files application under Probation of Offenders Act for suspension of sentence and release on probation
Dec 19, 2006 Gets time till December 21 to surrender
Dec 21, 2006 Time to surrender extended upto January
18 Jan, 2006 Court hears arguments on Sanjay’s plea under Probation of Offenders Act
July 31, 2007 Sanjay Dutt sentenced to six years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 25,000. Taken into custody straight away.

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  1. Hi,

    I agree with you. Sanjay is a strong man. He has witnessed the worst. Fourteen years back a young Sanjay may not have thought that the consequenses would be this hard.

    There are lot of high profile people who are reaming free after commiting henious crimes, similar to this. Law is biased. It wont allow the one who wants to change.

    Wish God be with him always in his thick and thin times.


  2. Yashpal: I am really very sad for him. I don’t think it’s fair to blame the whole bomb blast incident on him. He was young and naïve that time and he has also paid for his deeds by spending very important part of his life behind the bars.
    I think he should be freed on the grounds of giving us so much entertainment and a film like “Lage Raho Munnabhai”.
    I don’t have words, how much sad I am.

  3. you cant have six years of jail

  4. Please allow me to express my views on Sanjay Dutt’s issue through your media….it is really painful,very stressful,very heart breaking to hear that such a nice person is sentenced to 6 years imprisonment!

    We all agree law is law nobody is above or below the law……yet let us note that the laws are created by human beings….yet we human’s are created by God if a human being makes a mistake and God can forgive us after saying that “whoever bewrongs me will rot in hell” why cant we human beings forgive each other,our Goverment(The Indian Goverment) is indeed alerting others showing others that if you do any thing wrong you will be punished…looking at Sanjay Dutt whatever happened has deformed his character…he has been severly punished by spoiling his reputation as well the mental stress that he must have gone through and is indeed going through is enough for him……after all he repented his many mistakes have we done can we be fair enough to punish ourselves.

    Be merciful so that you will meet more merciful than you (God), from my side i deeply Pray for his fast release until his release i will personally be fasting and Praying for him and his family.

    Wonderful is the saying of the following poet which i would dedicate to his family and himself.

    Relax when you are troubled by rage and be patient when calamity befalls you, for the nights are pregnant with events and can give birth to every kind of wonder.

    And yet the wonderful saying of yet another poet
    Endure your state with an easy mind for in the hand of God are the destinies of things,
    And what is forbidden will not happen to you nor will that which is appointed fail to befall you.

    I urge all the fan and the well wishers of Sanjat Dutt to Pray for him for Prayer can do miracles.

    M.Abdalla Jr.

  5. Sanjay dutt is my best hero since childhood. i think that it is not good to put a famous hero in a jail for 6 years.his carrier will not be good. and in my opinion i think the whole blast should not be blamed upon him.he should be taken out of jail.when i heard this bad newz i was really sad and i was going to cry. and i shall not wacth hi super flims munna bhai chale america.

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