Rich farmers of India

June 13th, 2007

Where are we heading to? In a country where farmers are forced to end their life and nobody to listen to their plea, we have these rich stupid people getting greedy. Never seen or heard these big shots bollywood farmers donating any money to any farmer or helping them in any way. But yeah they are very good at snatching their lands. Don’t these stars have any dignity, how low (proving themselves as farmers) can they go to have a piece of land?

Very rich farmers of our country – Dharmendra, late Ashok Kumar, Suresh Oberoi, Suniel Shetty, Dilip Kumar, Neelam, Tanuja, Sangeeta Bijlani, late Nutan. and Chunk Pandey owns land in Pune. “All of them have submitted valid documents to prove that they are farmers”.

Dharmendra owns 100 acres in Hema, Esha, Ahana and relatives’ names. Sangeeta Bijlani has two plots in her name near Dharmendra’s plot. The late Ashok Kumar bought a farmhouse and agricultural land, 12 km away from the Pavana dam, which is now owned by his family.

Oberoi owns a farmland and a farmhouse in his family members’ name. Shetty has three farmhouses and 50 acres land. Neelam has agricultural property worth Rs 5 crores. Dilip Kumar, Tanuja and Nutan have also invested in farmlands. 

There is no cultivation activity on the 21.22-acre Bachchan and Aamir Khan’s 10-acre land, though it is cultivatable land.

Who’s a legal farmer?morparia1
To buy agricultural land one has to prove that he is farmer. If land is inherited the subsequent generations also qualify as farmers.
If a person already owns agricultural land in his name or if his or her immediate paternal relatives like father, uncle etc own farmland, he automatically qualifies as a farmer.
If the government donates agricultural land to someone from a non-agricultural background in recognition of some exemplary work, he can be termed as a farmer.
According to the definition a farmer is anyone who owns land marked as agricultural land in the government’s records, anywhere in the country.

Update :
Aamir Khan : I am a born agriculturist

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