Bipasha likes to play and John wants to sell

July 23rd, 2007

You can now play with Bipasha Basu on your mobile phone. Jump Games latest mobile game is called Jet Ski Champ and features Bipasha Basu in a Lara Croft avatar. The game was to be released by Bips today, but for some reason she has cancelled the event.
I know why she cancelled the event. Because than she had to answer all the stupid questions from the reporters about her and John’s break-up. Intelligent girl I would say.

Yeah it’s true and heart breaking that John and Bipasha are not together any more. On and off from last few months, they finally had to go different ways. I am very sad, because Pradeep had predicted this long back. But it was me who wanted to see them married and having babies (me positive thinker).

Well, Bipasha babe who needs man. Women are capable of taking care of themselves. You don’t have to do a stupid Clinic All Clear shampoo ad with John if he is not with you anymore. You are good alone and I am sure you will do better than John and also find someone far-far better than John. No! not Saif Ali……he is a playboy. Stay away from him “or” just have fun with him and dump him before he dumps you.

John will definitely regret one day.

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