Bipasha Basu in Lip-lock with Cristiano Ronaldo

July 11th, 2007

Here you go, More fuel to the John Bipasha breakup rumor. But this time it’s Bipasha who is cheating on John Abraham.
The 22-year-old Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo has been seen getting close to Bollywood actress and supermodel Bipasha Basu, 28, at the VIP party held after the new Seven Wonders of the World were announced at a glittering ceremony in his native Portugal.

John Abraham was not missed and neither Gemma Atkinson, the English actress and regular in the oomph pages of men’s magazines ranging from Arena and Maxim to FHM and Nuts, who has been romantically linked to Ronaldo.

It is only a few days since Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend denied cheating on him with his Manchester United team-mate Alan Smith.

Meanwhile, Bipasha had this to say in The Hindustan Times this morning, clarifying her stand:

Yes, it was me in the picture. It was taken at an opportune moment and has been taken out of context. Again, it looks like a case of irresponsible assumptions.

Updates: 01-09-2007
After a much controversial kiss with Bollywood babe Bipasha Basu, which we still are not sure if happened or not, Cristiano Ronaldo is back in news for a poolside orgy with 5 hookers at his home on the outskirts of Manchester

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  1. Bipasha basu you pelacur,dog dont near cristian. He have a girl friend kiss with cristian is ugly for india

  2. i was angry when receive this news….!!!!

  3. Bipasha is not suitable for Rona

  4. dear ron,dont girls exist in this world.i know it is not true but the way people show it,it seems to be true.the day i get bibasha,the so called bombshell,i swear i will kill HER………………………………….

  5. […] Cristiano Ronaldo had fun last weekend, I mean lots of Sharab, Shabab and Kebab. After a much controversial kiss which we still are not sure, if happened or not with Bipasha Basu, the hot hunk is back in […]

  6. oh to bad i hope john finds a loyal women who will treat him the way he should be treated he should just get married settle down with a good women have some kids

  7. i dont care for this kind of stuff but im sad to know that john was very heart brokend

  8. wenorroooo no ve como tas wapisimo tkmm!!!!(K)

  9. Stupid Gay..

    But you´re my favorite Footballplayer =P

    You Are GOD with te ball… You Aree mine Jezus =)

  10. U r my favorite footballer n Bipasa Basu is not beautiful.

    It is not matching

  11. hmm well what can i say! only that bips is lucky 2 have abit of ronaldo! but its outers m8! she should’ve done that. poor john!!!!!!

  12. I was surprised after i read it.christiano ronaldo kiss bipasha basu???the bollywood star and i ever hate him.
    I think bipasha is better than gemma!
    but i hope ron and bipasha only friend not more!!!

  13. It can never be… He is whispering in her ear… Thats what she is known to have said… They arent dating and no ones cheating!

  14. No puede ser que tu tan guapo tengas interes en una persona como Bipasha Basu
    Por favooooooooooooooooor Ronaldo tu eres lo mas guapo e interesante que hay en la fas de la tierra
    te amo

  15. bibasha i think she did wronk and she all ways do that

  16. u n john make a cuteeeeeeeeee coupleeeeee
    go wid him

  17. i bet it didnt reely hapen. i think john and bipasha r a gr8 couple

  18. Hey guys keep ur cool let them do what they want to do.There is no matter of hinduism and christanity,all r human beings,so do not feel bad if he is not with u


  20. oh god!!! bipasha basu is 28 years old![too old for ronaldo] and the lip lock with c.ronaldo is a bitchy news. After reciving this news i m just hating bipasha.he broka johns heart. and she is not suitable for ronaldo also. i think it must be a mistake by ronaldo. don’t worry, it happens.
    ha! ha! ha!

  21. Bipasha Basu Is Sweet, Lovable & very Hot

  22. i like ronaldo not bipasha


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