Bigg Boss 7 day 3 – Food, Fights, Lust and Chemistry

September 19th, 2013

Day 3 of BB house and housemates are in their true colours. Fights for food and me the leader is on. Frist thing first…Elli is loving, cute and should stay till end. So people, vote to save her. My guesses for most of the housemates to be in the house are right.

Like I said about Gauhar’s attitude, Gauhar with a big attitude and very annoying habit of pointing fingers at others is already getting on everybody’s nerves, in and out of the house. She should know that people with her also have brains and attitude but they all are sensible enough to not to be in bad books of others. Now let’s see what will happen to her tonight when she is nominated by her own group and Bigg Boss has ask her to pack her bags and be ready.

It’s not that house is always on fire, people like Andy , Sangram and Elli are pleasure to watch. Sangram and Andy’s chemistry is lovely, I’m loving it! Love to watch when they both chat and pull each other’s legs. But I think Sangram is cheating Andy with Elli, his extra Hindi classes and caring for Elli is not good for Andy and Payal (Sangram’s live in GF). Chemistry for Andy and Lusting for Elli, smart boy Sangram! Anyways who’s complaing, I am sure audience is also loving it!

Another item is Armaan who is not happy with the quantity of the food he’s getting, otherwise he’s fun to watch. Hope he stays till end!

Kamya Punjabi is heavy foodie, she want prathas in breakfast, lunch and dinner. And she is waiting for Gauhar to rub her wrong side. Actually everybody is fed-up of Gauhar’s attitude and me so intelligent kind of show of. So I am eagerly waiting for that Kamya and Gauhar fight. Bigg Boss should make some arrangements for the fight to happen.

Tomorrow who is leaving the house? First eviction of this season…..Aao uch for Hell people.

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