Bigg Boss 3 – Week 6 Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar are up for Eviction

November 9th, 2009

I am very disappointed by Bigg Boss (flawed Big Brother) for not sticking up to the rules. The EVIL GANG (Rohit,Vindu, Raju) discuss nominations 24/7, but no action has been taken by Bigg Boss. Actually by default the whole gang should have been up for eviction this week. In fact tonight’s episode was nothing more than nomination discussion.

The mastermind Rohit is using all the dirty tricks to save his ass from nominations as long as he can. He has been completely taken over by his feminine hormones, gossips, rona dhona 24/7 etc; doing all these things far better than other females of the house.  When asked about Rohit on chat, even Sherlyn said that he is much more dangerous than the most poisonous snake on earth. The old saying Lato ke bhoot batoin se nahin mante goes very well for Rohit. He was not doing any bitching or politics when he was under constant threat from Kamal. I am not a fan of Kamal but I think he was right to hit Rohit. It is time to bring one psycho character like Kamal as wild card entry to control Rohit. 

Vindu thinks he is the main plotter and running the show,  but doesn’t know that he is a puppet controlled by bitchy Rohit.

Thanks to Pravesh, Claudia now knows who are the most hated people in outer world. Will this change the opinion of Claudia? God knows!! 

Coming back to eviction, Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar are again up this week by 5 votes and 4 votes respectively. Atleast one from EVIL GANG, Raju Srivastava understood the game and played it very carefully this week by nominating only one from the couple i.e, Tanaaz (keeping nomination logic in mind). The only fair and sensible nominations were from Shamita and Bakhtiyaar who nominated Rohit, Vindu. What the hell Tanaaz and Aditi were thinking when they nominated Shamita?

Nominations this week:

1. Raju Srivastava – Shamita and Tanaaz
2. Poonam Dhillon -Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar
3. Claudia – Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar
4. Rohit – Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar
5. Vindu – Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar
6. Shamita – Rohit and Vindu
7. Tanaaz – Shamita and Poonam
8. Bakhtiyaar – Rohit and Claudia
9. Aditi – Shamita and Poonam

I wish that Bigg Boss come up with some of its nasty trick to save the couple. Bigg Boss may cancel the eviction on Friday as Shamita has to go this week for her sister’s wedding. Sone pe suhaga would be if Bigg Boss bans Vindu, Rohit and Raju from Sunday’s nomination or put them up for eviction next week.

one thing is sure that Vindu and Rohit has completely f***** up their image!

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  1. yeah u r right, Rohit is the main Culprit. he should have been up for eviction by Bigg boss itself. I think Bigg Boss is sleeping or not playing the fair game!

  2. When Vindu comes out of the house he will know how Rohit made his Popat…lol. Vindu is a rubbish person. lets not even talk about him.

  3. Rohit and Vindu, Ram milaye jodi. What is Big Boss doing? Vindu gets away after misbehaving with Sherlyn, Rohit is on a viscious back stabbing crying spree, and who gets caught is the poor couple whose marriage seems as rocky as their chances of stay. Vindu is an antaryami, he is sure of winning. And what has happened to Poonamji? I really liked her and she seems to have become Rohit’s mataji in thoughts and actions.


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