Bigg Boss 3 – Third weeks nomination, Kamal & Sherlyn up!

October 19th, 2009

Kamal Khan and Sherlyn Chopra nominated again this week, continuously second time in row. Jaya Sawant mummy of Rakhi Sawant was nominated and evicted in first week. Second weeks eviction was cancelled, thanks to Diwali!

This season Bigg Boss house is full of jokers and somewhere few of them symbolize last year’s contestant. Like Vindu is playing Rahul Mahajan and Kamal Khan is playing spoilt brat Raja Chaudhary. Vindu is the most manipulative and cunning character in the house. Kamal Khan is total showoff but complete dumb, Vindu always use him for his manipulations. Raju comedian is the best and genuine person playing his cards right. Somewhere I think he’ll be the winner of this season.

Third Weeks nominations:

1. Kamal Khan – Rohit Verma and Tanaaz Irani
2. Sherlyn Chopra – Kamal Khan and Vindu
3. Bakhtiyaar – Vindu and Kamal Khan
4. Poonam Dhillon – Kamal and Vindu
5. Vindu – Kamal Khan and Sherlyn
6. Tanaaz – Vindu and sherlyn
7. Rohit – Kamal and vindu
8. Ismail Darbar – Bakhtiyaar Irani and Tanaaz Irani
9. Raju Srivastava – Kamal and Sherlyn
10. Shamita Shetty – Kamal andSherlyn
11. Claudia – Kamal and Sherlyn
12. Aditi – Sherlyn and Kamal

Let’s see who goes this Friday, it has to be boring and fake Sherlyn Chopra.

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  1. Sherlyn should go, she is not doing anything according to her image. she is not herself in the house. she is going this friday.

  2. Did u see yesterday’s talent show task, Aditi gave me a shock, i thought soon she’ll be walking in 2 pieces…lol

  3. I want Kamal to stay as he is giving us a good show. Sherlyn shld go she is doing nothing and she looks rubbish.

  4. Pooman should go next, such boring and arrogant and useless


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