Bigg Boss 3 – Tanaaz ka Bamboo

November 12th, 2009

Conspiracies, nomination discussions are in full swing and Bigg Boss is sleeping! But the hightlight of today’s episode was “Tanaaz Ka Bamboo”. I loved today’s episode, she was fabulous in her real avatar. She shed all of her goody goody image, which was not doing any good to her and good for nothing husband. All of a sudden she started giving Evil gang (Vindu,Rohit and Raju) right and left. She accused all of them for plotting against Iranis. She showed them what real Tanaaz is, and also said she will not take any rubbish from anybody now onwards and will give Bamboo to all who are planning and plotting against her.

Actually I was waiting for this avatar of Tannaz from very long time as I know Tanaaz is not so forgivable and won’t let her enemies go so easily. Tanaaz was superb today, and the way she called Rohit “oye orange shirt edhar aa” was hilarious. Rohit was shaken after this incident and started finding a place to hide, and then jumped on to Vindu’s lap seeking some sympathy. But Rohit doesn’t know Vindoo is a bigger backstabber than him, and is plotting his eviction with Raju. It was funny to see how Vindu was making fun of Rohit saying that "paagal top teen mein apne aap ko dekh raha hai, india hansegi hum par".

The other day Rohit was asking Pravesh about his image. He was asking that,”sab mere baare mein yahi soch rahe honge na ki kitna pyara hai, kitna cute hai". Once he gets out of the house then he will realize how much he has earned and lost from BIGG BOSS.

Let’s see if Bigg Boss takes any action against our Kameeney and stupid plotter in the house for constant nomination discussion. As per rules Vindu , Rohit and Raju should be up for eviction this sunday.

The two new entries Vinod and Pravesh are under constant threat from Evil gang, but they are doing well. Pravesh reminds me of last year Bigg Boss winner Ashutosh Kaushik. Ashutosh was trying his hand on Diana, and he is trying his luck with Claudia.

Who is going up – Pravesh & Tanaaz

Who is going down – Rohit & Poonam

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