Bigg Boss 2 – Week 2 Rahul or Rakhi?

August 28th, 2008

Till today I was very confused about who should be voted out of the house, but now after watching today’s episode I reckon the cunning Rakhi should go. The way she is influencing and pushing Monica into Rahul’s arms is disgusting. She pretends to be Monica’s friend and thinks she is the best matchmaker, whereas she herself has a failed marriage. And on other hand when warned by Bigg Boss for not wearing her mic while talking to Monica, she blames Monica for it. She is not entertaining at all!

Whereas on other hand Rahul Mahajan, if stays in the house will give us more masala and entertainment. His friendship with Payal and flirt with Monica will definitely spice up the house and hopefully we will get to see the real Payal very soon. The goody, quite and all sharif Payal till now we’ve seen is all fake I reckon!

Rakhi to leave the house this Friday! Kick her out!

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  1. I think we can’t do without Rahul. He is such entertaining guy. I think all house mates are jealous if him. Other house mates except monica, Abhijit(singer) and Aihsaan bhai, ailina deserve to be there


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