Begum’s Aakhri Salaam to Bigg Boss 4

October 24th, 2010

Begum’s eviction was unexpected, my bet was on Veena Malik. But I guess the audience is loving the tu-tu mein-mein of Veena with the spoilt brats Ashmit and Hrishant of the house. Veena might have saved this weeks eviction but she will be out soon. Begum was harmless and a good contestant of the house. She gave her best and did nothing that would be pin pointed or would go against her/him. I thought Begum would stay till second last week of the show, but!

Begum/Ali was happy to be voted out of the house, as she said it was getting very difficult for her to keep her calm. And she did not want world to see a proud and aggressive side of Begum.

About housemates Begum said, “Shweta Tiwari, Veena, Anchal Kumar and I really bonded. We used to converse in Punjabi. I also become very friendly with Rahul Bhatt, a harmless soul. And Seemaji (Parihar). Hrishant Goswami was sweet. Manoj Tiwari is quite a politician. I really didn’t face any unpleasantness from anyone. But there was a tussle between Manoj and Samir Soni. Considering they were the senior-most members of the House I found their behaviour immature.”

Begum’s Aakhri Salaam with Salman was OK. I seriously think the channel should get Pooja Bedi back for Aakhri Salaam. She is the best person for grilling. Salman no doubt is doing a good job, but Fridays are enough for him. Watching him twice a week repeating himself is too much for us as a audience. Saturday should be Pooja Bedi’s day.

Sakshi, Abbas and Begum could have been grilled more if it would have been Pooja. Bigg Boss are you reading this…!

As a practice Begum was asked to rank the housemates from 1 to 10 and to describe them in one word. Begum nominated Khali while leaving the house.

Begum’s Opinion:

Housemates Ranking Described
Hrishant Goswami 8.5 Dost
Ashmit Patel 7.5 Khatta Mitha
Sara Khan 8 Baby Doll
Shweta Tiwari 8 Madam X
Sameer Soni 7 Chirh Chirh
Aanchal Kumar 9 Pyaar
Rahul Bhatt 9 Gum Sum
Seema Parihar 9.5 Khari Insaan
Manoj Tiwari 7 Mithi Churi
Veena Malik  8.5 Masala
Khali 9 Bada Aadmi

Sakshi’s Opinion table of her eviction day:

Housemates Ranking Described
Hrishant Goswami 4 Rude
Ashmit Patel 9 Heart of Gold
Sara Khan 9 Best
Begum Ali "6/7" Unfair/Case low
Shweta Tiwari 5 Oversweet
Sameer Soni 8.5 Solver
Aanchal Kumar 7 Dil Churaya
Rahul Bhatt 9 Honest
Seema Parihar 9 Mom
Manoj Tiwari 9 Brother from Another Mother
Veena Malik  7 Kaan ki kachi(Stupid)

Please bring Pooja back on board…!

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