Asif Azim enters Bigg Boss 7 as Wild entry

September 24th, 2013

There’s good News and a bad News for Kushal Tandon in Bigg Boss house. As we saw in today’s episode how Kushal wants to leave the show. Earlier also he was complaining about the things he’s not getting to improve his looks, like his shaver & glasses. Anyway can somebody please wake him up from his dream that he is not at all handsome or well behaved guy on the show. Hate his droopy eyes, cheap looks and those funny loose Harem baggy trousers. He just look yuck!

Good News – Kushal can leave house, as we ‘have got better face to watch on and bad News for him is what if Gauhar jumps to Asif?

Well Bigg Boss had decided to put end to Kushal’s all sufferings….On 26th a handsome hunk Asif Azim an Indian super model of Bangladeshi origin will enter the house as a first wild card entry. Azim is here to stay and woo the ladies of the house!

Asif has featured in the German and Australian Vogue and has been ranked fourth among India’s fittest Male Super model. He has previously done few ad films and has built his career as a ramp model.

He says: “Bigg Boss is the biggest platform and he will play the game with honesty, "Bigg Boss is the biggest reality show of India and I am glad that I have got such a big platform to connect with the audiences’. I just want people to like me, I won’t do anything wrong to hurt someone. As a person, I am a very positive and honest. I just hope people like me and make me win the show. I don’t think anyone can act or pretend to be nice in the house as you are constantly under 74 camera surveillance even if you fake for one or two days the third day your true colors will automatically come out. People will then know the real you."

“I have no specific plan on my mind. I am a very honest person and that is my strength. I’ve never lied in my entire life as I know one lie leads to another so I will be myself on the show. I will not try to pretend and fake around."

So far so good! Asif sounds like a very honest and straight forward man. Wait….don’t we have those types already in the house, Armaan and Sangram (not really). So clashes are bound to happen when a third honest enters the house.

Asif Azim was on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine for Feb 2013 issue with Fagun Thakrar.

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