Ashutosh dumped by his girlfriend Sonel Singh

September 25th, 2008

Poor thing! Ashutosh don’t even know that he is been dumped by his girlfriend Sonel Singh, who he is been talking about in the Big Boss house often. Infact Sonel Singh said that she has stopped seeing him long back and Ashutosh knows about this.

Well Sonel should ease, now that he is in love with Diana Hayden and blush whenever she is around. But the question is why he didn’t tell everybody in the house about his break-up or his single status. May be he don’t want to fall in the same category as of Raja and Rahul (wife beater, abusive and mental). I personally think Ashu is a very smart ass, he knows exactly how to play the game and he is playing it very carefully. I’ll not be surprise if he wins Bigg Boss 2. He is very popular among the audience and within the house.

But now that his girlfriend is out with all his nasty secrets and also yesterday’s episode where he is been described as a lazy bum by his fellow housemates, may ruin his chances of win.

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