Aryan Vaid getting married to Alexandra Copley

December 26th, 2008

I am so happy for Aryan Vaid! He is in love and is getting married too, wow!

Aryan Vaid after getting hurt and humiliated by his Bigg Boss love Anupama Verma has found true love and is all ready to settle down. I still remember the way he cried like a baby for Anupama Verma and expressed his love for her on national TV. But she went around talking rubbish and calling him names just to keep herself in news. As they say “all’s well that ends well”, Aryan is in love with an American Photographer Alexandra Copley and is planning to get married soon.

I think Aryan is lucky to get a girl who is better than Anupama in all terms. Well, I am very happy for him and wish all the best for his married life.

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  1. I am Alex’s sister and yes she is very much in love.

  2. Aryan, I would like to extend a warm welcome into our family from myself and my children. I would like the people to know that my sister is a loving,caring and talented young woman and I am proud of her and her accomplishments. Aryan should be proud to have her by his side as a woman who loves him.


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