Armaan Kohli back in Bigg Boss House – Face Women Protest [Video]

December 17th, 2013

Armaan Kohli back in brought back in Bigg House Studio from Lonavala Police station. Bigg Boss team are completely come formalities so that is why he can’t be seen on live feed.

On his way back into the Bigg Boss house, he faced heat of Women Organization. His car was hit, and pelted with rotten tomatoes and eggs. His father Raj Kumar Kohli was seen with him in the car.

He is granted bail on security deposit of Rs 50,000/-

Earlier, Armaan was arrested by Lonavala police station for manhandling Sofia Hayat. He was booked under sections 324, 504, 509, & 354

Update : Formalities completed by Bigg Boss team and Armaan can be seen or referenced in the live feed now.

Armaan Kohli’s dad RajKumar Kohli responded on the whole incident of arrest and bail.


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