Apoorva hair cut on Bigg Boss 7

October 2nd, 2013

Day 17 in Bigg Boss House and its world upside down for only 2 inmates…..Our sweet and kuchi ku couple Shilpa and Apurva! The biggest jhataka and twist of this season! Whatever happened till now is nothing compare to this.

So far we saw little tiffs, arguments, plotting and planning among the housemates, yesterday we also saw Ratan soaked in tub full of cow dung as a part of task. The task to earn points for luxury budget continues today as well.

Apurva and Sangram Singh’s names were called out to sit for a Mohawk haircut. Both of them agreed for the hair cut and was Ok!

While Apoorva seemed to be quite okay with it, his wife Shilpa was not cool. She started screaming at the others and even tried to stop Apoorva from doing it. She broke down and even tried to break a mirror with her head. The situation apparently turned for the worse when she apparently locked herself up and tried to inflict injuries to self. The rest of the housemates had to rush to her defence and had a tough time calming her down.

Shilpa almost suffered from an emotional breakdown, vandalising furniture inside the house and expressing her ire at her husband and the rest of the inmates. She was almost uncontrollable.

We agree wives love to see their husbands with nice hair styles. But one should also go for a change….Apoorva since born is seen in same hair style. I think Shilpa should support him in this new hair style and for being so courageous. I mean it have been a tough decision for him as well!

For God sake lady get a grip….you love Apoorva or only his hair…..just some hair, will grow back again! I think Apoorva is looking cute!

Day 17 ended on a high drama note and now Salman will have to carry it on…..weekend will be very interesting.

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