Aneek Dhar Wins SaReGaMaPa Final 2007

October 13th, 2007

Kolkata’s Aneek Dhar has won the SaReGaMaPa Final 2007

The grand finale, which was held in Mumbai’s Andheri Sports Complex on October 13, saw thousands of fans waiting breathlessly for the results, while millions others watched it from their homes.

Aneek won the contest after beating the other two finalists, Amanat Ali from Pakistan and Raja Hasan from Bikaner, Rajasthan. Raja was declared the first runner up and Amanat the second runner up in the closely contested finals.

Aneek received 3.65 crore votes through SMSes, Raja got 3.52 crore votes and Amanat collected 3.43 crore votes.

The winner, Aneek Dhar was crowned by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and won a contract worth Rs 50 lakh with Universal and Zee TV along with a brand new Chevrolet Spark.

Other Awards :

Molly – Best Performer of the year

Poonam – Star of the House

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  1. […] he survived the eviction. And for Tapur’s Bengali audience, I think they all were too busy voting Aneek Dhar of SaReGaMaPa Final 2007. Once again it is proved that popularity of the contestant counts and not […]


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