Amisha Patel and Kanav Puri Split

February 1st, 2010

Ameesha Patel and her UK based NRI boyfriend Kanav Puri’s relationship has ended. After dating for nearly three years they decided to part their ways.

Rumours are – There has been major trouble between Amesha and Kanav for quite some time now. While Kanav has been constantly speaking of settling down with Amisha, in fact he had proposed marriage to her when he had come down to India to celebrate her birthday in June last year. For Ameesha marriage is not on her priority list right now, she has been delaying ever since he officially asked her to marry him.

Another reason of spilt is that Ameesha recently patched up with her parents and is now feeling emotionally strong with family around her. Ameesha was a loner for quite a long time after separating from her family and her subsequent break up with filmmaker Vikram Bhatt. There is so much tension that both have stopped speaking altogether. The marriage plans have definitely gone for a toss with frequent fights taking a toll on their relationship. They have now decided to take time off from each other. While Ameesha is concentrating on her career, Kanav does not want to wait any longer and things seem to be beyond repair.

Concentrating on her Career…..? Ameesha, grab the opportunity, get married and settle down. Going by numerology, making changes to the name or shedding clothes will not give you any big banner movies.

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