Ajaz Khan flirting with Elli and Gauhar

October 26th, 2013

Khan has entered the house with planned moves. He is good at playing mind games, so audience will see too many fights, dramas and love triangles….now!

"I think I am privileged that by now, I am well versed with all the contestants of the house and I am going to make the most of this given chance. Petrol and Kerosene are already present in the house and I will act like a match stick to all the fights that will take place in the house,".

According to Ajaz Gauhar has lost it, her choice (Kushal) is bad and that even Bhojpuri superstar Nirahua (Bhojpuri actor) from last year BiggBoss looks better than Kushal.

Ajaz – "Gauahar has lost it, she has gone mad. She doesn’t understand what she is doing. I am not able to understand, how can someone get close to a guy like Kushal Tandon. He looks so pathetic – even Bhojpuri actor Nirahua looks better than Kushal. But Gauahar doesn’t need to worry. Now that I am going in the house, her choice will get better. Both Gauahar and I are Khans and pathano ke aage kabhi tikka hai kya koi,"

He’s confident that the moment Gauahar sees him, she will forget about Kushal.

Ajaz also wants to sing song for Elli “Dhoop main nikla na karo roop ki rani, gora rang kaala na padd jaaye."

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