Ajaz Khan, Candy Brar and Sofia Hayat in BiggBoss 7

October 26th, 2013

Day 41 and 3 new contestants enter the house, actually a Caravan! Yes, Big jhataka in BigBoss. 2 new faces who already entered the caravan are Candy Brar and Ajaz Khan. Rumours are that Sophia Hayat will enter the caravan at night. 3 people are predicted to be in the caravan and 2 will join them from the BB house.

Now we all know that Candy is Kushal’s ex and we also know that Gahuar gets very upset and insecure even when Kushal thinks about her ex. So if Kushal had to live with her ex in sexy caravan than what will happen to Gauhar? She may switch to Ajaz Khan….

I thought Kushal’s ex girlfriend is Elena, with whom he did Nach Baliye. Gauhar can you please explain us, as these days you are Kushal’s mouth piece.

Ajaz is an actor and has featured in movies like Rakht Charitra, Allah Ke Bande, amongst others. Sofia, we all know is a short temper and very opinionated girl. Let’s see how she makes the house a hell to live in!

New faces and new drama’s…..but we still want more….bring it on BiggBoss!

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