Aishwarya Rai – I am a Bachchan "Bahu"

August 17th, 2007

“Pativrata” Aishwarya Rai has opted out of Karan Johar’s untitled production. And the reason she gave had made me laugh my ass off.

Reason – I am married.

Bullshit!!! Ash dear, I don’t think the story of film was that bold or that you could have not asked Karan to alter the scenes for you, not too much but little bit. I bet Karan would have considered that.

Anyway ones loss is others gain, now Priyanka Chopra will be playing the same character.

Ash had originally committed to being a part of the film but backed out when she got the bound script. According to Ash, the film has a very sexy vibe and that’s what made her change her mind. Her character has both the leading men Abhishek and John Abraham lusting after her. She felt that as a married woman this role wasn’t right for her.

Karan assures that he isn’t disappointed over Ash’s turnaround. He says, “It happens. You plan a movie with one person in mind and then someone else ends up doing it. When you see the film, you’ll understand why Ash could not do it.

Aishwarya, I think you were engaged (unofficially) to Abhishek when you did a kiss scene in Doom 2 and also wore skimpy clothes. And you mean to say that our all other actresses who do romantic, hugging or love scenes are characterless. You mean to say Shabana Azmi, kissing in film Honeymoon Travels and doing films like Fire is a characterless lady. Kajol doing a love scene with Aamir Khan in Fanaa was wrong according to you?

You are on a wrong track and have put yourself in a deep shit. I think you will not survive in the industry for long now.

I would say try to be like Madhuri Dixit, Shabana Azmi or Kajol, who are dignified mothers and actresses.

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  1. “Nau Sau Choohe Kha kay Billi Haj nu Tur Paee”.

  2. I am a REALLY big aishwarya fan but….. i dont see why you opted out of the movie and abhi is still in cause if you opted out cause your a wife then he should opt out cause he is a husband!! no? anm i wrong im just saying????

  3. I am not certain as to who wrote the above article..but it was very insensitive…..
    Honestly, I do not like Aishwarya Rai but every person has her or his own limitations and every person’s sense of right and wrong is different. Just because she opted out of the film doesn’t mean that other actresses are characterless, it would be stupidity to even say that leave alone write it…..
    Once choice is one’s own so please don’t write any crap that comes into your mind…..

  4. i dont know what i was thinking with that last comment last year but i must of been in a mood cause i soo dont agree with my comment anymore except for the being a really big ASH fan ITS TRUE ASH CAN SAY NO IF SHE WANTS TO WHO CARES ITS HER LIFE IF SHE WANTS TO OR NOT ITS WUDDEVER! MAYBE ANOTHER TIME AND HONESTLY WE SHOULDNT JUDGE HER CHOICE BECAUSE NOONE HAS SEEN THE MOVIE YET TO BE ABLE TO KNOW WHY


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