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June 28th, 2007


First of all, Welcome Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan to the blogosphere,  the latest to be bitten from this blogging bug.

Blogging hasn’t yet gained massive popularity in India as it is US or Western World, but it is fast catching up.  Last year, Bipasha Basu started his blog but didn’t enable the comments section and branded it as diary instead of Blog, which were the reasons that it didn’t get much popularity. 

Aamir Khan’s blog is basically a promotional tool for the Lagaan DVD and learning tool ( according to Aamir Khan) for the actor. Although, he started his official website a year back on June 2006, but the website is still “Under Construction” phase with a letter from the actor and feedback form on the home page.

Aamir Khan says on his blog

My own website – I am very keen to start my own website, I know its supposed to be “coming soon” for quite a while. But I promise to get down to it soon. In fact this blog that I’ve started is kind of a trial ground for me. I would like my site to be interactive and I want to able to interact live with you from my site. So I’m working on it. But don’t hold your breath…

Until now, he has tried his best to reply to everyone’s comments in the blog. Wait and watch how it goes !! 

I hope Aamir does take his blogging as seriously as his acting.

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