Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda split

March 14th, 2010

Television’s most popular dancing unmarried couple Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Shaikh have decided to break off or take a break from their long term relationship. I think this was bound to happen as Sanjeeda is bit too much to handle for a shy boy like Aamir.

Cracks started showing up when Aamir and Sanjeeda both were approached to compete with each other for the second season of the dance show Zara Nach Ke Dikha and Aamir was reluctant to compete with his lady love. The show has a group of boys competing with a group of girls. Unlike last season, this year will have eliminations. When Aamir learnt about the eliminations and realised that he and Sanjeeda would be pitted against each other, he told her that only one of them should participate. However, Sanjeeda flatly refused and they ended up having a tiff.

News is that both of them have signed the contract for the show individually, problems only increased as a sense of competition erupted between Aamir and Sanjeeda.

This show is famous for breaking relationships. This isn’t the first couple to have serious issues cropping up in their relationship due to a sense of competition. In the earlier season, Gaurav Chopra had broken off with his long-time girlfriend Narayani Shastri and had started seeing Mouni Roy. Narayani and Mouni were co-participants in the show’s first season while Gaurav, of course, was one of the competitors from the boys’ side.

Now let’s see what happens, when Aamir and Sanjeeda come face to face or a face-off?

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  1. Sanjeeda is a sweet girl they should never split. Aamir and she were perfect.

  2. aamir ali is a better person than sanjeeda.sanjeeda is a better dancer than aamir.
    if aamir do not want sanjeeda to take part in the show, may be he is afraid of losing before sanjeeda.
    this is due to typical male ego…..it is present more or less in all the boys..can not help it……..
    but as i know of aamir he is a good person………and if not sanjeeda someone else will be his bride

  3. How do you know Chulbuli? who is better person? By seeing them in rigged reality shows? A better person would never ask his partner to sabotage her future for his selfish male ego. Sanjeeda is a very sweet person and Aamir also is a sweet guy I also dont believe this fake news as I saw their new pics together hand in hand in a party by Sharukh Khan.

  4. i know that aamir and sanjeeda are together till today.
    I study about human characteristics by their date of birth. whatever i said about Aamir, i.e “aamir ali is a better person than sanjeeda.”, is on basis of his date of birth.Everyone has some flaws in his or her character so aamir also have some flaws like ego and insecurity.
    beside seeing them in t.v i hd twice met aamir and sanjeeda and spoke to them and by that also i got some idea about their character.

    As our country is a democratic country everyone has the right to give his/her comments. so i also have right like you ‘ALKA’ to give my comments. But i do not think anyone has any right to ask me any question about my given comments.
    Did i ask you ‘ALKA’ that how do you know sanjeeda is sweet and they both are perfect? NO, because you said what you think and i have no problem with that.


  5. wtf?? dey talk 2 each other in ZARA NACHKE DIKHA n sanju even said aamir is mmi bf…so hu ever said dey broke up…jus got 2 helll……..

  6. amir and sanjeeda u look very cute and sanjeeda u r a better dancer than amir

  7. amir and sanjeeda u rvery cute dono sath mein bohat achay lagtay hain dono ak dosaray ka sath kabhi mat chorna superhit and perfect jodi

  8. that makes no sense to me chulbuli………… just studying human characteristics cannot tell u anything abt a person………maybe bot sanjeeda & aamir both r gud ppl……….. and ya i dont believe these things…….. maybe they actually havent broken up……… all these websites tell different things……some say that they have broken up some say they r married some say they will get married so all of this is rubbish

  9. Aamir & Sanjeeda looks gud together.I m a big fan of both.Wen both of u get married??

  10. i dont believe on this i dont think that it would be true …..i cant ever thought that sanjeeda and amir can do this …..its just impossible…..i think they r the best couple in the world….best of luck to u both and never leave one another…..

  11. Umm, you should check your facts b4 spreading bs. :)

  12. eh! do u want meh 2 bliv dis bloody lie…

  13. i don’t belive this stupid nonsence


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