5 finalist of BiggBoss 7 by Janardan baba

October 25th, 2013

Day 40 and Janardan Baba (face reader) enter the house like it happened every year to predict who all have the potential to win the show. Whose stars are shining and whose not!

According to Baba Armaan, Sangram, Elli, Andy and Kamya are the top 5 finalist.

This week anyway was full of surprises and twists. Mid week eviction of Vivek Misra, high voltage drama and push from Tanisha to Kushal (i loved it), Kushal’s big leap and then return and mid week nominations.

To maintain peace in the house BB introduces a task where the housemates had to do Havan throughout the night until the morning wake up call. While they are performing the Havan in the garden area, popular face reader Janardan Baba makes an entry.

After Vivek’s eviction last night was mid week nomination held and Tanisha – Kushal were nominated by BiggBoss as punishment for breaking the rules (push from Tanisha and Kushal jumps off the wall). Apart from Tanisha and Kushal, Elli Avram and Asif are nominated for this Saturday’s eviction. I think Ellie will be evicted. She’s doing nothing and Salman Khan is waiting for her….LOL!

Baba read :-
Sangram is the first person to meet Baba and he gets to know that he will go a long way in sports and also progress as an entrepreneur.

Elli is the next person and she is all excited to know her fate when Baba tells her that she will be recognised as an actor by the age of 34 and will get married to a businessman (Sorry Salman).

Baba then calls Kushal a spoilt brat but tells him that he has a bright future.

Also Pratyusha, Kamya and Andy get their face read and get good feedback from Janardan Baba which makes them happy.

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