40 year old virgin – Govinda or Akshay Kumar?

December 6th, 2007

Going with the hu-ha about Jagmohan Mundhra’s remake of the English film titled “The 40 Year Old Virgin” with Govinda playing a lead role in the film, made me see the original English version of the film yesterday night which was coming on ITV1 London. Let me tell you I was not at all interested in watching this film leaving my fav “Ugly Betty” on another channel same time, until I remembered that how much hype this film has created. So in order to see how much justice is Govinda going to do to the original film I decided to watch it and to judge if he is really the right choice for the film.

Ok, the start of the film was not very impressive and I started to get bore. But as the film continued my opinion changed and I started to enjoy it, especially the two American Indian characters in the film, which were just superb. The film is hilarious and emotional lovely love story. Not to mention there are quiet bold scenes in the film and I was wondering how Mundhra will picturise the same scenes or what will he do in this situation. This film released in 2005 has won 5 awards and 6 nominations according to IMDB.

The film is all about Steve Carell as Andy Stitzer, a nice guy who has somehow managed to go forty years without "doing it." When his pals make it their mission to help him score, their misguided advice takes him on a hilarious journey toward love. Let’s just hope Mundhra will do justice to this fantastic film.

As the film continued and I lol realized that Govinda is not the right choice for the film. Steve Carell looks fabulous, innocent guy in it and I don’t think Govinda comes anywhere near to it after gaining all that fat. He is too chubby for the character. According to me the only super star who can pull this character without any hitch is my and only my Akshay Kumar or Salman Khan That’s it, and no one else. So Mundhra think again, if you need take some pain and see the original movie again. You might change your opinion!

Well! I have had my say, now its all up to Govinda and Mundhra to do justice to the film, because the original hinglish film is very sexy and lovely.

I go with Akshay Kumar, he will definitely look cute and a 40 year old virgin….wink-wink.

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  1. I know the original movie is very good. I watched this movie in 2006, hope Bollywood make better out of it.

  2. yeah, I think Akshay is the better choice or may be Hritik Roshan.

  3. you people, let mundhra make film with me. I am the BEST.

    best regards

  4. i am a big gov fan and strongly believe the role should go 2 gov he is believable as a virgin.


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