Taurus Sunsign

Ruled by Saturn : [ April 21 - May 21]


A Feminine Negative Fixed Earth Sign

Polar or Opposite sign: Scorpio

Colour - Shades of verdant green

Stubborn and dependable, you are blessed with a bullish steadiness,which is your very own.


Characteristics of Taurus

Ever wondered how beauty is not always make-up dependent? Well, rejoice, that is the kind of beauty you are blessed with! Stop thinking of yourself as a stuffy old bull. Subtlety is your greatest strength, and this is the greatest head-turner!

Your dressing table is never cluttered. You don't scurry to buy the latest shade of lipstick. A trusted brand name is what you prefer, and you would probably stick with a brand for ages. Though you are simple, you always have a trick up your sleeve. This is why you always manage to look beautiful.

With your steady gaze and flawless complexion, you should grow out your natural curls rather than force them straight, or keep your nails trimmed short if you just know long and sexy won't work for you. You adore the small, sensual pleasures of beauty -- sensual fabrics, natural, revitalizing skin creams and perfume with a woodsy, balsamic scent.

You prefer your hair flowing naturally over your shoulder or a loose tendril falling across your forehead. It's through these tiny but generous gestures of understated femininity that you as a Taurus assert your beauty.

Lucky Gem
If you are feeling invincible, thank the hessonite for it! This is a stone of power, and the world is for you to conquer!

Lucky Number
Be sure of success with Number 2!

Lucky Colour
Wear reds for warmth and energy!

Lucky Day
An old friend will brighten up an otherwise dreary Thursday!

Taurus as a man Taurus as a woman

You can be a tender, gentle and protective lover. Your sentimental gestures and pleasantly earthy wooing can be just as satisfying as the soulful, poetic sighs of more colourful lovers.

You're extremely patient, but are not willing to waste an entire lifetime on a lost cause. You are kind, gentle and truly tolerant. You'll do anything in the world for the woman you love except allow her to wear the pants. Your financial affairs are usually secure. Few of you will fail to accumulate at least security, if not wealth.

You have more moral and emotional courage than many a tough male, but you have enough confidence in your own sex to let your man be the boss.

When you run across someone you dislike, you don't start a big campaign to destroy him. You show frigid indifference to your enemies, but if you count someone as a friend, you'll be loyal through all ups and downs. Your perspective normally remains straight and true, with no twists and turns. You can be a tower of strength. You're seldom demanding, except in the area of loyalty, and your disposition is generally even, down-to-earth and pleasant.

Taurus Love Sign - Cancer Taurus in Relationship

Sweetness is your best recipe. You are extremely responsive, and if a tender glance comes with champagne and roses, the better. You value material pleasures, and would live to share them with your lover. Security and possessions are important to you, and someone who provides these things will quickly make it to the top of your list.

You are committed, and make a wonderful partner. You take your time, and a slow and steady courtship is more your style. This quality alone is enough to win people over. You enjoy a close relationship, and the affection and intimacy this provides. You are also strong enough to be the power in a relationship. You do love being pampered, and regular gifts will keep you interested.

One must Know the rules when dealing with Taurus

What you should do: What you should not do:
  1. Perfect the art of whipping up a gourmet meal. And top it with candlelight and romantic music.
  2. Share quality time with your Taurus. Five-minute meetings when you have something else in mind will not work. When you give time to the Taurus, give all of it.
  3. Be assured of a shoulder to cry on. The Taurus will support you through thick and thin, no matter what.
  4. Be generous with compliments. Your Taurus loves being appreciated and noticed, and all it takes is some of your time!
  5. Learn to be patient. There are times when the bull will let off steam, and target everything in his path, which includes you. Wait for the storm to blow over.
  1. Try not to be unpredictable. The Bull loves stability in life, and any attempt to upset the apple cart will only send him scurrying.
  2. Don't push your opinions on your Taurus lover. The Bull loves being in charge of a situation, don't deprive him of the feeling.
  3. Don't be frivolous. The Taurus prefers a steady relationship. If you don't want to carry on, say so. Don't break hearts.
  4. Suggesting a financial plan to a Taurus can be sacrilege. The Bull loves to have total control of the money, so keep your suggestions to yourself.
  5. Don't push for an answer early on. Taurus likes to take his time, so wait for the right time.

Careers Money

You are reliable and loyal, easy to get along with and a good team player. You are also practical and grounded, as befits an Earth Sign. You are the Mr-Fix-It of the zodiac. You can be a bit lazy to get going, but once you are up and running, look out! There's a focus and single-mindedness of purpose there that can come in very handy. You can be strong-willed, so it's a good idea for colleagues to lay down the law first -- you will follow their lead and work hard. While you can do well in business, an artistic streak is also present. More apparent, though, can be your frequent stubborn streaks, which can defeat a lot of hard work. And that temper! It's mercifully swift. If you can keep your focus on the steady accumulation of material goods and an occasional dose of earthy, sensual pleasures, life will be grand.

You are one of the Zodiac's great providers. You are terrific with money, probably because you value it so much. You don't mind slogging for the good things in life. Of course, you do value the simple things in life like a sunset, a juicy grapefruit or a good book. As an Earth Sign, you also enjoy owning a piece of land, so real estate makes for a particularly attractive investment. You love everything about money -- its colour, feel, and smell -- and also feel entitled to it! This comfort level around money makes you very good with it. You never make rash financial decisions that will cause you to lose your treasure trove. You are a master at making deliberate decisions where money is concerned, which means that bills will be paid on time and accounts are always in order.

Taurus Career Guide

Here are some occupations that a Taurean might consider:

  1. Advertising director
  2. Antique dealer
  3. Business person
  4. Cashier
  5. Clothing designer
  6. Financial advisor
  7. Florist
  8. Patron of the arts
  9. Perfumer
  10. Real estate agent
  11. Singer
  12. Venture capitalist
  13. Woodworker