Libra Sunsign

Ruled by Venus : [Sept 24 - Oct 23]


A Masculine Positive Cardinal Air Sign

Polar or Opposite sign: Aries

Colour - Royal Blue and Rose Pink

You can charm your way out of anything.


Characteristics of Libra

Admit it. You do have a secret formula for looking good. Stunning, yet casual, you manage to draw attention. And with very little work. You are blessed with an inherent ability to charm. This helps you steal a march over the others. You have loads of confidence, and this helps you put your best foot forward - all the time.

Maybe God just decided to be kind to you, and grant you all the beauty. Your skin is to die for. You look at life objectively and this balance shows in your supple skin. You look lovely in greens and pinks, and you bathe in warm, floral scents.

You turn heads all the time, but you know it, don't you? And it all comes so easily! Your beauty comes from your poise, good looks and powers of persuasion. Now who could resist that?

Lucky Gem
You do love the real thing, and wearing a diamond can bring you wealth. What you don't know is that it can make you a better person!

Lucky Number
Number 21 will fill you with joy!

Lucky Colour
Rule over the world with royal blue.

Lucky Day
Pack your bags for a holiday on Tuesday!

Libra as a man Libra as a woman

You have a bit of a roving eye, especially during youth. You fail to draw the line between friendship and love. You love being around a small group of people. You sparkle and make intelligent conversation, but when the group is over a dozen, you run for cover.

You need harmony to remain stable, and this holds good for your relationships.

What you lack in commitment, you make up for in charm. For you, romance is an exhilarating experience. While all this sounds very rosy, you do a double take when it comes to a permanent relationship. You like to be in love, but do not take the initiative to take the relationship forward.

You are blessed with a clear Libra wit. You also revel in debate and argument. You make allowances for all opinions, and wait until all cards are on the table.

Partnerships, in both business and romance, constitute your deepest need. You are happiest when living with another person, but treading on toes is not quite your style.

Being a woman is sort of a lifetime occupation to you, and you are bound to arrive at perfection somewhere along the line. One of your womanly talents is that of talking, and you use it to perfection. You are normally gentle as a mother, yet quite firm when the need arises. Your children are never neglected or ignored.

Libra Love Sign - Taurus Libra in Relationship

Every relationship is a dream with you around! You are a romantic, affectionate lover and friend. You also admire beauty, and your emotions are stable and dependable. You live by the dictum of commitment. You are forever enraptured and will be more responsive and devoted as the commitments get heavier.

You love the good things in life. You love to rake in the money, it means you are safe and secure. You are not discriminating in your appreciation for creativity and culture of any realm. You will enjoy things as diverse as the opera, fine food, wine, performances, art and music. You are blessed with the capacity to savour each moment to the fullest extent, and instinctively seek out the beauty in your surroundings. However, you may want to watch out for a possessive streak! You will be happiest in a relationship that provides you with a real sense of belonging and stability.

Your magnanimous outlook is a boon in relationships and this attribute makes you a pleasure to be with. You want to be loved and lusted after, although you refuse to take the lead initially. In a relationship, you can alternate between being the dependant and dominant partner, based on your analysis of what you can get from a relationship.

One must Know the rules when dealing with Libra

What you should do: What you should not do:
  1. Make sure there is harmony in the relationship always. The Libra hates it when the apple cart is upset.
  2. Know your Bach from your Beethoven. The Libra has a great interest in the arts, and will expect you to keep up, too!
  3. Tuck away little gifts for your Libra. They love surprises.
  4. Make sure your Libra has a say in every matter. For the Libra, a good courtship is all about sharing things.
  5. You must know that a likes to consider issues carefully. If something is taking too long, wait. Don't push.
  1. Don't be a frump, when it comes to your relationship. The Libra loves spontaneity, so keep those little surprises tucked away.
  2. Complaining about the Libra laziness can be sacrilege. Your Libra may not be a great help with the chores, don't expect it.
  3. Don't ever mention that the your special someone looks ill. The Libra likes to remain in robust health all the time.
  4. Snap decisions are just not made for the Libra. Let them mull over what is best for them.
  5. Don't expect the Libra to make major decisions quickly. Weighing issues is a Libra art, so make use of it!

Careers Money

You are a constant seeker of truth. The sense of justice and fair play attached to you is remarkable. You enjoy the leader's role and will work hard to be worthy of the privilege. You crave the exchange of ideas, conversation and chatter, and if all this takes place in a social situation, even better. Harmony is important to you, as you enjoy beautiful surroundings. The mediator in you likes bringing people together, but you also enjoy having a partner at their side. You are motivated to keep your partnership sailing smoothly, and it's also likely to be a pretty ride, since you enjoy being in a beautiful world.

You revel in beauty and harmony and often strive for perfection. You can be terribly indecisive, for although you love to please, you hate to make the wrong choice. You thoroughly appreciate money and what it can buy: the best that life has to offer. Fortunately, there is enough money around to keep you in the style to which you're accustomed. It's comfort and luxury which you crave, and you also feel it's your divine right! You do not enjoy making financial decisions as you consider it a bit tedious. You will pay the bills on time in one of two ways: by sheer luck or with the aid of a responsible partner. You will charm a pal into a loan. You won't hesitate to lend money as well. If you choose to do so, however, you will have saved up for the splurge since life is perfect when that bankbook is in balance!

Libra Career Guide

Here are some occupations that a Libra might consider:

  1. Academic advisor
  2. Architect
  3. Art dealer
  4. Beautician
  5. Graphic artist
  6. HR manager
  7. Headhunter
  8. Interior decorator
  9. Landscaper
  10. Lawyer
  11. Negotiator
  12. Notary
  13. Politician
  14. Referee or umpire