Bigg Boss 2 – Week 3 Rahul or Monica?

September 1st, 2008

Rahul and Monica are nominated and are up for eviction this week. Alina and Sambhavna were not allowed to vote as they were speaking without their mics on after Rakhi’s eviction. “Lathmaar” (Ashutosh) wasn’t allowed to vote either because he was sleeping even when the alarm rang.

Not very surprisingly, Payal voted for Monica. I guess she wants to keep Rahul all for herself. And I am very sure this Friday Monica will be booted out of the house. She has again fucked up all her image by getting close and cozy with Rahul. No wonder she was involved with Abu Salem, she is a dumb and emotional fool. Still have not learned her lessons! Week one I had all my sympathies with Monica but not now.

The best players in the house are Payal and Sambhavna. Rahul again is safe this week. But then he will be nominated again and again every week till he’s gone and next week he’ll be competing with Payal.

But at same time if all the girls are gone then what’s the fun in the house? For me it’s not a problem I can watch lathmaar, Zulfi and Raja with a big smile on my face, as they are my favourites.

Monica out of the house this Friday!

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  1. Sambhavna is the real culprit. Shes uses her booty to attract the males and keep them out of voting danger. Has anybody noticed how she was sitting very close to Ashutosh on the bed and had rested her arm on his crotch. This woman is out there to use her bodily powers to keep males vying for her and uses her witchcraft to create small fights and bickering in the house with others. I hope she is the next one to be nominated.

  2. entertainment will dip if rahul goes out.


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