Vastu Merits & Demerits



This  section  highlights the Merits and Demerits of certain  aspects, in respect of site, location, shape of the plot,  placement of  rooms,  furniture, water bodies and direction  of doors  and windows etc.

SQUARE - This plot is the best, since it assures all-round happiness and prosperity.

RECTANGLE - In a good rectangular plot, the length  of  the  plot shoulder  be  in  proportion to the width and  should  not  exceed double  the  width. This plot is said to be god, for  its  bestows health, wealth and happiness.


PLOTS WITH FOUR ROADS - Plots  with  four  roads in four directions   without  any  Veedhi Shoola  (Spearing  road) are supposed to be the best  which  will give  health, wealth name, fame and all-round prosperity.

PLOTS WITH FOUR ROADS - Plots  with  four  roads in four directions   without  any  Veedhi Shoola  (Spearing  road) are supposed to be the best  which  will give  health, wealth name, fame and all-round prosperity.

PLOTS WITH THREE ROADS - Plots  with  three  roads, give varying results.  In  some  cases health  and  wealth  and in some other cases name  and  fame  are achieved with certain other limitations.

VEEDHI SHOOLA - Street (Veedhi) or road touching (Shoola) the plot from different directions has different effects.

North-East - If a road is approaching the North-east corner of a plot  from North or East, it assures health,  wealth  and  all-round happiness.

North-West - If the road is approaching from North and   touching North-west of plot, it may cause litigations and restlessness. If the road is  approaching from West and touching the plot, it  may give success and good fortune.


Levels  in a plot which control the rain water flow in an  around the  house,  will have positive and negative  influences  on  the imamates. If the ground levels in South are higher than North and rain water flows from South to North, inside the plot, it is good  for all-round prosperity's. If  the ground levels in West are higher than the  East  and rain  water flows from West to East it is good for  health,  name and fame.


WELLS - Presence  of water or flow of water in  certain  directions  improves finances, helps attain name and fame, gives  comfortable  positions and status to children. Converse  is  equally true. Water  body  in  North-east assures influx of  wealth  and  helps family members get prominent positions. Longevity of children and sound health is also assured. A  well or a water body in South-east is said to be  harmful  to ladies  and  children. A well or a water body in  South-west  may result in loss of wealth, accidents and serious illness. Well in North-west may cause ill health and some other problem to children. Well in east improves finances, and gives prosperity Well in South causes ill-health and loss of wealth. Well in North gives health and wealth. Well in center of the plot may create many hardships.

UNDER GROUND WATER TANK - Water tank in North-east, below the ground  level or below the floor level of main building gives all comfort and happiness.

VER-HEAD WATER TANK - Over-head  tank should not be built in South-west  or  North-east because water in  North-east is good but not so much of weight  at such  a  height. Similarly height and weight of  tank is  good  in South-west but water in South-west is a taboo. Hence it is  advisable to keep  the over-head tank in North-west.


Low  levels  and depressions in the plot may angur  well  or  ill, depending on the location. Depression in North-east Ensures health, wealth and prosperity. South-east   Bad for women and male children.


Location of Kitchen in the house is equally important. Kitchen in South-east. Kitchen plat-form in South-east corner in a  South-east  room without touching eastern wall  is  the best, which would give health and happiness.


Platform - In South and West directions, platforms higher  than the floor level of building, are good for prosperity.

Platforms - North or East lower than the floor of main building may  give material happiness, but not good if higher than the floor level.

Stair case - Except in North-east, staircase may be built in   any corner, depending on the convenience. South-west staircase is good for health and wealth. If  the staircases is in North -east, there should  be a room in South-west at a higher level than  the  stair case roof. If the North-east staircase is higher than  South-west portion of the  building, native will have health and other  problems.

Placement of furniture - Office table and chair should be placed close to south wall or West  wall  so that one faces North or east when he sits  on  the chair. Facing North-east is also good if possible. No  furniture, should   be  kept in any room touching North wall  or  East  wall. North-east corner should be always  kept free and clean. There can be a door in north-east to achieve maximum benefit.