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You said, "I must have been a thief in my previous life, who, in this lifetime, stolen your heart the moment we met.", I replied, "You must be a precious gem I'd been searching for in my previous life, which, in this lifetime, I finally found you."

Yvonne Tay
22-04-2007 22:50:23
you make me feel that i belong,you give me what i need., sharing life and sharing love with you,th best is yet to be

22-04-2007 22:50:23
if you love soneone tell them for hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.

22-04-2007 22:50:23
you see my soul its kina gray you see my heart you look away you see my wrist i feel your pain you know my cheeks arent just wet from the rain.

22-04-2007 22:50:23
Once it gets in your heart, it may never come out.., , Once you have it, and desire it, you will nerver forget.., , Once the other half if broken....your half will be too..., , Every life has a very true love, with complete heart and with broken ones...

22-04-2007 22:50:23
What can you do if the only person who can make you stop crying has made you cry?

22-04-2007 22:50:23
L-O-V-E 5 simple words we all use, some meenn it some dont! some dont, know what it meens some just dont care!Some use it right with tendar care, others dont! love is the closest thing we have to magic. There the same in some ways, like it may not last for ever!If you find love dont though it away like i did, love is magic!

Maclean, Sam
22-04-2007 22:50:23
Love is like a burning candle, take good care of it and dont let it blow out!

MacLean, Sam
22-04-2007 22:50:23
You are nothing short of my everything..., , , If you love someone let them go if they love you they will come back

22-04-2007 22:50:23
I gave you 12 roses,, 11 real and 1 fake,, I'll love you until the last one dies...

Richard Troy Whitaker
22-04-2007 22:50:23