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Love transcends time, like the wind that never looses it's way

22-04-2007 22:50:24
To say, "I can't live without you" is a completley different story than to say "I won't live without you".

22-04-2007 22:50:24
Love is nothing but a magnificient moment comes once in every bodies life.

22-04-2007 22:50:24
I thought you were my fairytale, a dream when I'm not sleepping.

22-04-2007 22:50:24
Love is when a man and a woman are speding over 100mph on a motobike down a deserted road, the woman shouts slow down im scared, the man replys its ok trust me, she screams again slow down, the man says tell me you love me, so she did he then said hug me so she did he then asked her to take off his helmet and wear it so she did, the next day the paper read bike crashes due to brake failer, the truth is the man new his brakes had gone and new they were goignt to crash so insted of gettign her worried on the back he acted fine, the man died that day but the woman survived due to wearing his helmet, THATS TRUE LOVE

22-04-2007 22:50:24
There is no true love.

Ibrahima .S.
22-04-2007 22:50:24
Love is when you go to sleep thinkin of the person and they are the first thing on yuor mnid when you wake up...

22-04-2007 22:50:24

Steadman, Holly
22-04-2007 22:50:24
Love is pain. Love destroys peoples hearts. Love isn't true, it's something that we do.

Broken heart
22-04-2007 22:50:24
luvin sumone so dsperately is like holdin on 2 a piece of broken glass.., not wanting to give up but ur hands feel the pain.., and wen u finally let go,ur free frm pain but ur hands are empty and bleeding..

22-04-2007 22:50:24