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love without life hurts, but life without love hurts worse

Amanda Jackson
22-04-2007 23:07:24
love is real and its out there somewhere,try to find it if u is only right with that special is real and it hurts like hell,but thats really the only way that u can tell..that its real love

lil casanova
22-04-2007 23:07:24
how deep can these feelings get? every minute , evri second ur love is near but still i fear of letting you no how i feel i have forgotten to say goodbye to all the memories that you've left behind you left me without saying goodbye and now u see me it was like u were never mine!

22-04-2007 23:07:24
....maybe it din't made sense, but it was love..........

22-04-2007 23:07:24
why does everyone want love ? because its the clostest we have to magic.

22-04-2007 23:07:24
wanna tell you... i can see the sunrise in your eyes every day and every night i always dream that you are by my side wanna see the sunset with you and fly wanna show you the stars at night fall asleep and wake up on your side because.... i Love You every day i Love you every night every breath you take every move you make i will always Love YOU every moment of my life!

22-04-2007 23:07:24
roses are red violets are blue god made me to be with you

22-04-2007 23:07:24
When you smile my heart puonds and when you cry my heart shatters on the ground.

Tecson, Justine
22-04-2007 23:07:24
If i had a single flower for everytime i thought of you i could walk forever in my garden

22-04-2007 23:07:24
When you smile my heart pounds, and when you cry my heart shatters on the ground.

22-04-2007 23:07:24