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Ecard Events & Holidays : August 2008 Monthly Calendar
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Blueberry Festival (Pennsylvania)

Chili Pepper Festival (Ohio)

Corn Festival (California)

Girlfriend's Day

Glad-Peach Festival (Michigan)

Kayak Festival


National Day (Switzerland)

Pie Day (Minnesota)

Raspberry Cream Pie Day

Respect For Parent's Day

Seafood Festival (Rhode Island)

Strawberry Festival (California)

Work Like A Dog Day

Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Mustard Day

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Bratwurst Day

Cards For Sister

Family Day

Friendship Day

Grab Some Nuts Day

International Forgiveness Day

New World Day

Raspberry Festival (Idaho)

Watermelon Day

Champagne Day

Coast Guard Day

Colorado Day

Gymnastics Day

Picnic Day

Blackmail Day

Fresh Breath Day

Gladiolus Festival (Illinois)

Halfway Point Of Summer

Hiroshima Day

Pamper Yourself Day

Try Hypnosis Day

Wiggle Your Toes Day

Carnation Festival (Ohio)

Chinese Valentine's Day

Jazz Festival (California)

Lighthouse Day

Pickle Festival (Indiana)

Say 'Cheese' Day

Sweet Corn Festival (Illinois)

Unity In Diversity Day

Cheesecake Day

Dollar Day

Happiness Happens Day

Prank Night

Refrigerator Day

Dance A Polka Day

Hummingbird Celebration (California)

Send An Email Day

Watermelon Festival (Oklahoma)

10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Admission Day (Missouri)

Lazy Day

St. Lawrence Feast Day

Alcatraz Day

Middle Children's Day

Play In The Sand Day

Romance Day

Son's And Daughter's Day

Aloha Day

Civil Rights Day

International Youth Day

Thank You Day

Alfred Hitchcock's Birthday

Left-Handers Day

Financial Awareness Day

Independence Day (Pakistan)

Social Security Day

Assumption Day

Balloon Festival (Maine)

Hay Days (Nebraska)

Independence Day (India)

Peach Festival (Massachusetts)

Sit Back And Relax Day

Statehood Day (Hawaii)

Watermelon Festival (Alabama)

Full Moon Day

Partial Lunar Eclipse

Raksha Bandhan

Roller Coaster Day

Sandcastle And Sculpture Day

Seafood Festival (Oregon)

Tell A Joke Day

Tomato Festival (California)

True Love Forever Day

17 18 19 20 21 22 23

#2 Pencil Day

Davy Crockett Day

Stay Home With Your Kids Day

Aviation Day

Potato Day

Soft Ice Cream Day

Spicy Food Day

Zoroastrian New Year

Corn Palace Festival (South Dakota)

Lemonade Day

Scrape The Bugs Day

Senior Citizens Day

Be An Angel Day

Daffodil Day

Eat A Peach Day

Lentil Festival (Washington)

Potato Days (Minnesota)

Tooth Fairy Day

Accordion Festival (California)

Hug Your Sweetheart Day

Ride The Wind Day

24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Can Opener Day

Waffle Day

Banana Split Day

Healthy Lifestyle Day

Kiss And Make Up Day

National Park Day

Dog Day

Horseshoe Day

Make Your Own Luck Day

Toilet Paper Day

Women's Equality Day

Banana Lovers Day

Compassion Day

Just Because Day

Sweet Corn Festival (Ohio)

Commercial Day


Peach Festival (Michigan)

Blueberry Festival (Indiana)

Chop Suey Day

College Colors Day

Gold Rush Days (California)

Lemon Juice Day

Red Telephone Day

Toasted Marshmallow Day


Eat Outside Day

Hari Merdeka