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Appreciate Sweta Keswani and Alexx O’ Neil

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  1. Sheetal Member

    Lately, I have received lot of comments on all the jodis in my blog posting on Nach Baliye 3. So I thought let us have another platform to share our views more freely.

    thanks for all of your comments to my blog post.

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  2. Bindu Member

    This Sweta I think is next coulpe to be voted out. anyway she is not doing anything extraordinary, so if she goes I will not be surprised. Infact she should have gone instead of Pooja-Hanif.

    What do u say???

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  3. sheel148 Member

    Bindu....Are you fair in your judgement.. Sweta is the one who has done the best up to know...See how difficult it is for Sweta...Alexx does not know Hindi...& the judges only check his lip synch...Alexx is too handsome to take eyes off Alexx...Still Seta is the one who stand out for her consistent, clean, class dances..This is the reason she survives till now...May be you approve Vulgar, jerky dances..then please see some other channel...Sweta do not worry about people like Bindu..Do your best we all are with you

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  4. sheel148 Member

    Sweta & Alexx you are great. Your performance on 2/11/2007 was great. I vote for you.

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  5. sheel148 Member

    Ganpat 11/4/2007 7:12:44 PM
    Sweta not only Sizzles but is most popular too. INSIDE STORY....Sweta has the maximum votes this week ahead of Amita-Karan, Ahead of Sanjida-Aamir & Raki Abhishek.

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  6. Sheetal Member

    Rinkie says

    I Love you Alexx and Sweta!


    I don’t know how to vote online! but i still vote for Alexx and Sweta from my mobile. I send them and will always send them as much votes as i can. Please tell me how to vote online! pls pls pls!!!!! Sweta-Alexx, if you are reading this, then let me tell you that You Guys are the BEST! You are awesome! I love you very much! i will do everything i can so that you are in the show. i am planning to go to the temple this week to pray for you! Alexx, if and if you are reading this, then let me tell you that you are the BEST! and Sweta if you too are reading this then let me tell you that You are Beautiful!!!! The most b’ful girl in NB-3 is you Sweta!!! I Love you guys a lot a lot a lot!!!! I will vote for you till my death, i wan you to be in the show.. You are very deserving and most of all the best! i am not just saying this, i mean it as well. Look, Sanjeeda-Amir, i dont care for them cos anyways Sanjeeda is a dancer and thats the only reason they are in the show. The same applies to Rakhi-abhishek, Abhishek is a dancer. Dancers toh kahi bhi dance kar lenge, full-too training jo li hain unhoney! What matters is your performance, and to an extent Karan-Amita’s. Guys like you have hidden talent in you which needs to be taken note of, other guys have anyways trained themselves in dancing so they are not even needed here in NB-3, they deserve to be somewhere else, but since they don’t have any work they have been given an opportunity! But you guys (i mean Alexx-Sweta) have already done a great deal of good work, Alexx is smart and classy and Sweta an amazing actress (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Des Mein Niklaa Hogaa chand, etc.), and now is the time to see how you guys are at dancing as well; and you bet, we have seen it and trust me you guys rock!

    So so so Alexx-Sweta let Sanjeeda-Amir and rakhi-Abhishek get lost cos they are trained dancers who are not getting good work n so want to prove themselves here and anyways they dont deserve to be cos they already have dancing capabilities; what they need to show is their other hidden talent somewhere else! Don’t ever worry Aexx-Sweta.. I want you to be confident, i want you to perform the best without worrying about the jobless-freaks-dancing-to-earn-a-living couples!

    Well, i am not an aged aunt saying this, i am an audience, among the audience and India is a democratic country. So i have the right to say and make you believe that you are everyone’s favorite and are the best! Don’t let anything boggle you down, cos there is nothing that would let you to, cos we, the audience are with you, and most of all, God is with You!!!


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  7. sheel148 Member

    Chat With Alexx and Sweta

    After Vaibhavi and Pooja-Hanif's chat we welcome you to yet another successful chat on indya. This time we have with us Sweta and Alexx! So read what they had to tell...

    (click on the audio thumbnails to play or stop the byte)

    hermione_19: Sweta, I definitely hope to see you on television in a new show after MMW
    alexx_sweta: Thanks... I believe in quality and I am waiting for something great to come my way.

    guest42: Hi Shweta and Alex, you guys are rocking. Great performances in Nach Baliye and Alex you are really cute.
    alexx_sweta: Thank you, I really apprecaite it. That's nice of you to say that.

    hermione_19: Hey Sweta, Chetana here. Can you describe one funny incident on the sets of Nach Baliye?
    alexx_sweta: It was when Alex shocked himself when he saw in the mirror after he was dressed as a South Indian.

    bigfan_89: Hi Shweta and Alexx, you both are a elegant, hansome, gorgeous jodi in Nach Baliye. I really like your dance and thank god you people survived the danger zone. I really love you both.
    alexx_sweta: Alexx: Thanks you so much for your support. Shweta: I genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am touched!

    mileysharma: Which is your favourite jodi on Nach Baliye?
    alexx_sweta: Karan and Kavita, they are very genuine couple. They are like us, non-dancers and genuine too!

    guest56: Hi I live in Qatar. Me and my friends don't miss a single episode of Nach Baliye and my whole gang is crazy bout Alexx. We love you Alex! (Shwetha you too)
    alexx_sweta: Alex: Thank you... Then we need to come visit you guys soon. That's nice that we have fans this far.

    guest59: Who is your fav judge and what is your opinion on Pooja's and Vaibhavi's fight last week?
    alexx_sweta: Davidji is great. He has nice things to say to us and he is the one who takes time off and speak to all Jodis back stage. We like him. About Pooja and Vaibhavi, It was all misunderstood because of lack of time. Pooja was just trying to say that the marks and the Judge's comments don't usually tally and for that she used Rakhi's example, which blew out of proportion. Rakhi took it personally and there it went!

    gehhna: Hi Alexx and Shweta. I am a great fan of Sweta from her Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki days. You are so beautifull and Alex I love you a lot.
    alexx_sweta: Hi Gehna, it is people like you that keep us going and it is you who have made us popular, so that's is why we are on this show. Thank you!

    hermione_19: Alexx, can you please try and say something in Hindi for us?
    alexx_sweta: Aap Ka Supprt bohut zaroori hai, please (sweta: kripaya) dekte rahiye.

    mileysharma: Hey Sweta and Alexx, what do you think about Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda?
    alexx_sweta: They are great performers. Alex: I know that it is difficult for Amir, but he works hard. Sweta: But Sanjeeda is a pro. She finishes each step gracefully. Its great. We think they will win the show if not for us!

    nishimaj: When are you guys getting married?
    alexx_sweta: Sweta: Hey Nishima, maybe by end of next year. My mom has to pick a date.

    gehhna: Shweta I am sure you enjoy dancing, but what is your favourite dance form - Bhangra, Hip Hop, Salsa or what?
    alexx_sweta: I like what Shakira does using a lot of hip, I enjoy that a lot!

    gehhna: Will you both do a completely western dance someday?
    alexx_sweta: Sweta: If the channel allows us to then we will do. Alex: People have a notion that I would be better at western, but the fact is that I have danced more Indian forms than Western! Sweta: He has never danced before, but we'd like to.

    mileysharma: Who is the biggest threat for you on Nach Baliye? Is it Aamir-Sanjeeda or Rakhi-Abhishek?
    alexx_sweta: Sweta: Every one is a treat. Alex: We are surprised every week when we are not eliminated.

    gehhna: Alex and Shweta don't you think you both are always underscored? I feel so. The judges are partial towards Kashmeera and Krishna.
    alexx_sweta: Sweta: I guess everyone should be entitled to have their favourites, but judges shouldn't. I guess life is not alwasy fair!

    gehhna: I want to say to Alexx that aap mujhe bahut zyada pasand hain.
    alexx_sweta: Bahut, bahut danyawaad.

    hermione_19: Sweta, are you a trained dancer? You really dance well and your presence of mind in the club mix episode was great.
    alexx_sweta: Sweta: When I was in school, I was trained in Kathak for 2 or 3 years, nothing after that. I was scared that I will stop dancing, but thankfully I didn't. Alexx: I thought it was amazing that Sweta handled it so well!

    guest59: Which was your best performance until now according to you?
    alexx_sweta: Sweta: Mehbooba was my fav, both of us have different favourites. I also like our next week's performnace. Alex: I like to have a story in our act. I liked the one in the Touch Baliye episode.

    guest51: How was it working with Isha Koppikar as your mentor last week?
    alexx_sweta: Alex: I appreciate that she took time out for us, she selected the song for us and came to one of our rehearsals to over look the choreography.

    sexylady16: Your dance was really good and I am so impressed with Alexx.
    alexx_sweta: Thank you Sexylady, keep watching and we hope you enjoy our performances.

    mileysharma: Which judge do you find difficult to impress out of three?
    alexx_sweta: Vaibhavi! The other two judges seem to give us better scores.

    hermione_19: Who do you share good rapport with among other contestants? By the way, Sweta what are your upcoming projects after Nach Baliye?
    alexx_sweta: On set we are friendly with Karan-Kavita, Pooja-Hanif.

    gehhna: Alex darling and Shweta sweetheart, do you both celebrate aniversaries like first time you met, first time you kissed, first time he cooked, ha ha! and etc?
    alexx_sweta: Hey Gehna sweety we try to when we are not working. But it is difficult.

    guest56: Hey I think you guys are da cutest jodi on Nach Baliye. You guys are definitely gonna win.
    alexx_sweta: Wow... Thanks for the possitive feeback. It is very encouraging.

    gehhna: Alex which is your favourite dance form?
    alexx_sweta: Anything where I can sit and watch!

    guest74: Are there fights between you both during rehersals? That's because when we see your pictures in Nach Baliye site, it looks like you people are having so much fun!
    alexx_sweta: Sweta: We do have a lot of fun during rehearsals, but there are times when we disagree. Alex: Unlike some Jodis we don't allow the cameras inside during our tough moment. 90 per cent of times we have fun, but 10 per cent of the times is tough.

    guest131: Alexx I luv you. Will you marry me?
    alexx_sweta: Alex: Guest 131, my Jodi is right beside me!

    gehhna: Is Alex happy doing Nach Baliye or is he suffering now?
    alexx_sweta: Gehhna, with weeks of suffering, three mins of adreneline and when we get comments there is euphoria and we are back to week of suffering!

    gehhna: Alex do have a any favourite Hindi song?
    indya: Alexx has sung for you! Log on in a day or two to hear it
    alexx_sweta: Woh Lamhe! Can listen to it as audio in a few days.

    gehhna: Shweta I want to see you in saree.
    alexx_sweta:I love wearing sarees, but no opportunity yet on Nach.

    guest131: Hey Alex you are really hot and sexy. Love you, keep rocking.
    alexx_sweta: Thank you!

    hermione_19: Alexx, it's amazing to see you perform on Hindi songs and that too singing them along. How do you manage to learn them?
    alexx_sweta: Sweta: He listens to it non-stop. Alex: Sweta writes it out for me and I listen to it all week and the day before the shoot I have 90 per cent hang of it.

    guest74: Hi Alexx and Sweta, which is the one dream that you both are looking forward to?
    alexx_sweta: Sweta: To own a dream house on an island. Both: A nice weekend where we can relax... But not too soon!

    hermione_19: Apart from dance, what are your hobbies?
    alexx_sweta: Sweta: I like sketching and painting on canvas. Alex: Writing lyrics and playing guitar. We love travelling together also.

    guest155: If not you then which jodi do you think will win Nach Baliye?
    alexx_sweta: We don't know who will come back in the wild card round, but we like Aamir-Sanjeeda to win.

    hermione_19: Surely you people have the potential to win, all the best. We will all vote for you.
    alexx_sweta: Thank you so much, love you all.

    indya: That brings us to the end of yet another chat... Sweta, Alex any message for your fans?
    alexx_sweta: Sweta: We appreciate the love, support and the compliments. Our best wishes for all of you. Thanks for being around here today, we hope to catch up with you guys again soon and happy Diwali to all.

    alexx_sweta: Alex: Your votes have kept us in Nach Baliye and keeps us going. Thanks all.

    indya:Thank you guys for your time and all the best for this week's performance
    alexx_sweta:Bye all!

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  8. sheel148 Member

    Dear Forum readers & our fans...
    First of all – I cant tell you how encouraging it is to see this forum heading. I’m honored Donna, I mean that – I cant thank you enough.

    Secondly, I want to thank you for including Padmini. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone in these comments include the choreographer, and you couldn’t pick a better choreographer to mention in all of Nach Baliye. Padmini doesn’t have any assistants and no partner (some couples’ choreographers have up to 4 assistants and all other choreographers have partners), everything she does she does personally – and that’s essential for me as a non-dancer and therefore someone who takes a lot of work to get moving. She has virtually put her life on hold to help make this possible for us- 8 hours a day, 6 days a week.

    Regarding your comments, Thank you for your Love, Thank you for your Votes, I am glad you appreciate our Modesty – its not an act, I truly feel that we should always be modest because there is always someone better than you at what whatever your attempting, it may not be in this competition, in this office, in this factory, etc. but somewhere out there, there is always someone stronger, smarter, harder working, etc. Keeping this in mind keeps you from thinking you’re the best, and it gives you room to grow.

    Lip syncing is always a challenge, if you see me on the street these days, say hi, but you may have to yell, I’ve always got my hands-free in my ears. I’ve got a beat up V3i Sweta bought me as a gift when they just came out. As soon as Padmini edits our song I load it on there and start listening to it every chance I get – in rickshaws, walking, eating – seriously, every chance I get! I am really glad you appreciate the lip synch – its something I’m always very nervous about but work really hard at getting right.

    I agree with the sizzle ratings – Sweta sizzles the most compared to all the contestants. She’s beautiful, strong willed, energetic, honest, quick thinking, and phenomenally talented. I cant write enough about her, but I think you get the point .

    I am amazed we’ve gotten this far, 8 episodes!! I think you believed in us more than we believed in ourselves – but now we believe too. We’re dancing as hard as we can, for as long as we can for you and all the people that enjoy our performances and want to see us continue. Your support means the world to us.

    Sheel, Your comments are always amazingly encouraging. Just as you hope to see us on the show, we hope to be there for as long as possible. Thank you!!

    Thank you for your amazing comments! I believe your prayers have really helped us. We have stayed in while stronger dancers have been eliminated even though their scores were much higher - without your support (whether that’s votes, prayers, or just positive thoughts), that simply wouldn’t have been possible. I agree, Sweta is the most beautiful girl in NB and yes, she is an amazingly skilled and talented actor.
    Thank you!!

    Donna, Sheel, and Rinkie, thanks again for your comments – I love hearing positive things from all of you and I hope to see more when I come back. Just finished shooting episode 8, and I cant tell you what happened, but I will tell you that we’re still in!!


    Alexx & Sweta

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  9. admin Key Master

    Suresh says

    Friday 9th performance which shall be repeat telecast on Sunday 11th Nov 2007, Sweta & Alexx were best.Sweta was dancing with heals. It is dangerous to dance in heals. She can break her leg or ankles. Star Plus should stop this. Sweta is not a professional dancer. As vaibhavi put it mildly to Sweta to dance without heals so that the dance is not affected. Any way full credit to Sweta for her daring performance and that too was very good. As usual judges under rated their performance. Alexx with a ton of wig was liiking dangerous and out & out a rogue. Thanks to Pdmini.

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  10. admin Key Master

    Carina says

    It is crystal clear that Sweta & Alexx performance was under rated by the judges. King Khan was gave one mark more to all other Jodis over & above the judges marks. Rakhi was given 11 over 1 to 10 given by the judges. Karan Amita was given 9 over 8 given by the judges. While Sweta was given 10, 2 more than given 8 by the judges. King Khan definitely indirectly gave a message to the judges that they are under rating this Jodi No. 1 despite best effort & performance by this JODI

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  11. Sheetal Member

    Suresh says

    Friday 9th performance which shall be repeat telecast on Sunday 11th Nov 2007, Sweta & Alexx were best.Sweta was dancing with heals. It is dangerous to dance in heals. She can break her leg or ankles. Star Plus should stop this. Sweta is not a professional dancer. As vaibhavi put it mildly to Sweta to dance without heals so that the dance is not affected. Any way full credit to Sweta for her daring performance and that too was very good. As usual judges under rated their performance. Alexx with a ton of wig was liiking dangerous and out & out a rogue. Thanks to Pdmini.

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  12. Sheetal Member

    Carina says

    It is crystal clear that Sweta & Alexx performance was under rated by the judges. King Khan was gave one mark more to all other Jodis over & above the judges marks. Rakhi was given 11 over 1 to 10 given by the judges. Karan Amita was given 9 over 8 given by the judges. While Sweta was given 10, 2 more than given 8 by the judges. King Khan definitely indirectly gave a message to the judges that they are under rating this Jodi No. 1 despite best effort & performance by this JODI

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  13. varunsensation Member

    Sweta and Alexx deserved to be in TOP THREE.

    I just don't understand how Karan-Amita is still in the show. They should have been kicked out before Vikas-Amita as they were consistently giving crap performances.

    I would like RAKHI-ABHISHEK to win this show.

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  14. Sheetal Member

    Sweta and Alexx says

    Love Always From Sweta and Alexx To Everyone Who Supported Us

    Immediately after our elimination was shot on Monday the 12th of November Sweta, Padmini and I left on a 5 am flight to Goa. A few hours after the telecast on Saturday the 17th we arrived back in Mumbai. We’d planned to rehearse in Goa (Sweta and I were tagging along with Padmini because she’d planned a vacation with her husband and son and had non-refundable bookings). As things turned out there was nothing to rehearse for, and we’d desperately needed a rest, so we relaxed instead.

    Our experience in Goa was incredible. People would stop us on the street, yell from cars, come sit with us at restaurants, even knock on our hotel room door at 9:00am to ask for an autograph. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the support we received, and also overwhelmed by people’s reactions when we explained that we were to be eliminated in the very next episode. Some didn’t believe us, some smiled sympathetically, and some had tears in their eyes after we told them. It was then that I realized how we’d lasted 9 weeks. People really did support us, not just the ones who left comments for us on line, but many many more actually watched and voted for us week after week. Many who we talked with were hurt that we were out, they felt cheated since they’d spent money sms-ing votes for us.

    After returning from Goa and seeing the elimination episode I felt compelled to write this note to all of the people who gave us their messages, votes, prayers, and positive thoughts over these 9 weeks. There was a lot that Sweta and I said after the elimination that wasn’t kept in the episode, in fact, none of what we said was kept – so I’ll use this space to say what we wanted to.

    First of all, thank you to the people who voted, without you we would not have stayed in the competition. So much is written these days about whether or not the votes are even counted, and if counted if they are considered, why the results aren’t audited or made public, etc. etc. etc. I can think of no greater compliment than someone offering their hard earned money for nothing more than a hope that it will help their favorite couple stay in the competition. Thank you for that compliment!

    Secondly we need to thank all the people who left comments for us online, without you we would not have had the energy or the will to keep rehearsing and performing. I began reading the forums and the comments below the news stories in the 3rd or 4th week and began sharing them with Sweta and Padmini after rehearsal. (I even began replying to some from time to time.) I never expected to be able to say this, but to this day I haven’t seen more than two or three negative comments about Sweta, Padmini, and I. People either write positive things, or don’t write anything at all about us. Furthermore I’ve rarely seen comments supporting us but bashing another couple. I think we had the kindest people writing to us and I’m more thankful than I can express for their positivity. When things became unbearably negative during the Krishna/Kashmera elimination, it was this positivity alone that helped us get back on track.

    To all the people who supported us I want to tell you that it was for you, and you alone, that we rehearsed 8 hours a day 6 days a week. It was for you alone that we performed each week.

    Third, I wanted to be clear about our reaction to the elimination, since our reaction was cut entirely from the episode. On the day of our elimination we received higher marks than we’d achieved in the previous 8 weeks, we had, for the first time, been the highest scoring couple for that episode, and lastly, Padmini was honored as ‘Choreographer of the Week’ for the first time. Sweta and I both believed it was best to say “goodbye” at our peak, and though we would have loved to have kept performing, it was our hope that we would eventually be eliminated on the day of our best performance. And so we were. We didnt cry, we didnt create a scene. We thanked the people that we wanted to thank, and said goodbye. I suppose our reaction wasnt dramatic enough to keep in the episode - but we’re real people, and we showed how we felt - happy, relieved, grateful, and, of course, a little sad.

    Was our elimination unfair, perhaps, but are reality shows fair, no. Realizing this early on we didn’t expect to last more than the episode we were performing and, rather than fear the elimination, we celebrated each time we were not eliminated. I can hardly believe that having never danced before I was able to be part of a team that won 8 times! Its not important to us that we lost once (everyone except one of the 10 couples will eventually “lose”, mind you), the important thing is we performed as well as we could for as long as we could. And what fun performances! We did Bhangra as a North Indians, High Speed Classical as a South Indians, Jive as a Couple That Goes From Young to Old, Ballroom and Waltz as a European Soldier and Wife, Bollywood as a Ruffian and Bar Dancer, Modern Dance as a Silver and Blue Clothed Peasant and Goddess, Rajhasthani as a Young Couple in Love, Retro as Competing Thiefs, and finally a Maharastran Woman and Man (wherein I got to be the woman)! It was an amazing experience, but since it had to end, I’m glad it ended on a positive note.

    We have one more performance before our Nach Baliye experience is completely over – the finale episode. Sweta, Padmini and I hope you’ll watch and enjoy. Thank you for everything, we are forever grateful.

    Love Always,

    Alexx & Sweta

    1. special thanks to Donna, Rinkie Singh, Sheel 148, Neetus, ash4u249612, Sabrina, Djkorwani, and Harshada for your emails and posts – I’ll never forget them.

    2. we did not post the following comment. The truth is, Sweta and I have not been offered any movies together… and for who ever did post it, my name is spelled “Alexx” not “Alex”. I had it changed after I was advised to do so by a numerologist:
    “Alex and Sweta 11/18/2007 2:41:50 AM
    Hey guys,thank you for all your support. We never thought we would reach this far. Now we will concentrate on some of the movies offer we have gotten together! Thanks”

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  15. Sheetal Member

    Harsada says

    thank you Alexx…& more on your performances
    Thank you Alexx for writing yet again to this forum. You sorta make the day for your fans. :-)

    One of your comments said that you are feeling bad that you let ur fans down by getting eliminated from the competition…. come on, it was not in your hands at all! I think we should be feeling that more than you by not urging more people to vote for you guys!
    Sweta and you did full justice to each and every performance, you guys were so so so good! All your performances are so vivid in memory and will always be memorable - for instance, Kabhie main kahun is one of my all time favorite songs and I can never forget the way you performed on it! it was extraordinary. well, come to think of it, all of your performances were outstanding (with the honest exception of one, in my opinion that I thought could have been better) - You guys along with Padmini always brought in so much innovation, new concepts - always having an amazing story line - who would have done what you guys did with the Jharoka prop and no one would have performed with that costume and dance style on “tu yaar tu hi dildaar”. It was soooo different from the actual song - so original and beautiful!
    Since I write now, let me take a few mins to recap my humble opinion on the journey of your performances:

    Miraksam - so colorful and nice, I was standing cllllllose to my tv and watching your lip sync!! :-) found you guys extremely cute!

    Mohabbat hai mirchi - first thought that came to mind was the innovation, you standing apart from the rest by the “new” things, recognized Sweta as a trained dancer..much much better than the first perf.! extremely extremely cute couple!

    Girls are best, boys are best - oh God, this was tooooo good. I think your performance on this day was the best amongst all other performances - you guys danced so awfully good and I was disappointed with the marks you got. You did so well - and looked soooooo lovely together. Twas excellent!

    Kabhie mein kahun - As I said, my all-time fav song, wonderful steps, who would think of dancing such on this song… mindblowing, a treat to the eyes, extraordinarily good. Sweta was sooooo lovely, so graceful! this beat all your previous performances

    Mehbooba Mehbooba - I had just thought that it could not get any better. I was wrong. I think this was my most loved perfs from all your perfs. no words to express how much I loved it. thoroughly disappointed with the marks - but well - what to do. I loved this one so much, I watched it over n over….I can watch it for years to come. Sweta was beautiful and Alexx was sooo good. You both looked so great in that attire. With Sweta - her dancing is always effortless. easily blending in from one step to another…very mesmerizing! Alexx danced sooo well tooo. This was a difficult song, I mean the steps were difficult. you two did full justice to each n every step. cannot say enough about you guys.

    Satrangi Re - extremely cool performance! loved your costumes, loved your dance, its lovely to watch Alexx perform - somehow, the way he presents certain steps makes me feel that those steps suit him, his height, u know - as if made just for him ;-) Nothing to mention about his lip sync effort and learning the words of the songs. there is just one word - wow!!! Again, the steps on this one were difficult. The 3 of you made an excellent team!

    Tu yaar tu hi dildaar - again, excellent. such great use of the prop. lovely costume (all your costumes were excellent by the way), very different dance from what we saw in the original song, unique and the best again!

    Duniya mein - this was a perf. I thought could have been better. loved you guys in it nevertheless. Sweta I thought was outstanding, as always. lovely theme and story line. very entertaining. again - always a privilege to watch you guys!

    Aila Re - :-) now what can I say about this one. everyone including ur marks says it all. Alexx, you looked so nice in the nawari saree. I loved the way you reacted to John’s comment. Sweta - you looked so cute and you act so well always. you danced so well…. loved the concept, introduction of the song, every single thing. you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Performances like yours are one of a kind and they will stay in our hearts for long long years.

    I see that you responding to your fans is on the news now.

    Thanks so much for the website. I visited it just now and was amazed to read about Sweta - things that I did not know at all. To be honest, I got to know Sweta more only thru NB. and now that I know her - know that she is such a versatile and amazing dancer (simply simply superb!) and more than that - such a wonderful person, I am a huge fan of hers! Alexx, I think I am a bigger fan of yours, though. but I am an even bigger fan of you two together
    Stay happy!


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  16. yashika Member

    Finally, they are OUT!!! :lol:

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