Shameless Limelight Hungry Politicians Hijacked Victory March and Celebrations

September 27th, 2007

Moment of Glory for men in blue hijacked by BCCI officials and Politicians.

BCCI Officials and Politicians made it like a Political Rally, what was meant to be the felicitation ceremony for the Twenty20 World Cup champions. It was expected that Dhoni and his boys would take centrestage, but BCCI officials and Politicians placed themselves on the front row, completely overshadowing the proud winners of the trophy.

If that was enough, RR Patil and Sharad Pawar started glorifying Maharastra in their speech, as if it was Maharastra team who won the world cup. RR Patil went a step ahead and said, “Sharad Pawar should be credited with the victory”. Someone should ask him, “Did he select the team or he bowled out Pakistanis in the Final?”

SHAMELESS XI sitting on the First Row :

  1. Agricultural Minister Sharad Pawar (NCP)
  2. Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil (NCP)
  3. Education Minister Vasant Purkhe (NCP)
  4. Member of Parliament Rajiv Shukla (Congress)
  5. BCCI secretary Niranjan Shah (BCCI)
  6. BCCI VP Lalit Modi (BCCI)
  7. Former BCCI Chief I S Bindra (BCCI)
  8. Former BCCI Chief P M Rungta (BCCI)
  9. Chief Selector Dilip Vengsarkar (BCCI)
  10. Manager Lalchand Rajput (BCCI)
  11. Manager Sunil Dev (BCCI)

Once again, the politicians proved that they never fight shy of appropriating glory.

How Yuvraj Singh (Vice Captain) kicked out to second row by Dilip Vengsarkar?

Photos of Twenty20 World Cup Winner Victory March and Celebration

No Lap of Honour
The thousands of fans, who had gathered at the Stadium braving the rain were waiting for the Indian team to do a lap of honour and to hear their heroes speak about their Cup-winning experience. But BCCI was busy doing arrangements to give the maximum limelight to politician and BCCI officials.

In airport, there were more flags of political parties than our NATIONAL FLAG. The path of “Victory March” was full of political posters with Pawar’s and Awhad’s (NCP leader) photos being prominently displayed.

No Invitation to 1983 World Cup winning team
It would have been better to get the 1983 world cup winning team alongside Dhoni’s team on the stage. But yeah how can they go back and invite the banned ex-players who are associated with ICL, like Kapil Dev, Madan Lal, Sandeep Patil, Balwinder Sandhu.

Reminds me of Champions Trophy Final
This incident reminds me of Champions Trophy Final, when Australians shoved off Sharad Pawar during the presentation ceremony. At that time, I felt it like an extraordinary display of disrespect from Australians. But now I think, “No! they were right. May be they know better, how to treat politicans” Sharad Pawar should have learnt some lesson from that incident. But. Wait a min!, How can you expect him to learn any lesson? After all he is a politician, they are supposed to teach lessons not learn.

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  1. does anyone have the 1961 names of the england cricket team or 1960


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