HSBC Bank in UK – "Only for Richest"

April 12th, 2007

A High Street Bank in UK has outraged the customer after banning everyone apart from rich to use on of its branches.

The HSBC bank in the Canford Cliffs area of Poole, Dorset, has told average earners they will not be allowed to speak to staff unless and until they don’t upgrade to premier account status which charge £19.95 a month. On the other hand the rich peple who have who have either £50,000 in savings, a £200,000 mortgage, or a £100,000 mortgage plus a salary of £75,000 automatically qualify for the ‘Premier service’ and are not supposed to pay any monthly amount.

All other account holders have been told they can use the cashpoint and paying-in machines but must travel to another branch if they wish to be served personally. The bank further angered customers by stating that ‘not everyone in the world is equal’ and that people with high salaries expect a better service.

Ray Smith, a former mayor of Poole, said: ‘I’m very, very unhappy with this policy. The majority here are elderly, property rich but cash poor.’

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  1. you cheeky bastards ..


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